Kraddy Q & A: Minotaurs, Heroes and Hashbrowns

Photo by Watchara Phomicinda

Kraddy has a new EP called Labyrinth coming out November 9 on Alpha Pup Records; if this new endeavor sounds intentionally hard, heavier and aggressive, that’s because it is. Describing his sound as “Zeppelin 3000,” Kraddy unites the hard edge of rock with the infinite possibilities of electronic music, and the result is an album that gives it. And God knows the people want it.

The meaning behind the album is heavier too; the labyrinth symbolizes the internal struggles that every hero must face, and the five tracks of the album tell the story of adventure that each hero – including you- must write for themselves.

Keep your eyes out in the coming month leading up to the release date for fresh mixes, videos and interviews with Kraddy as he prepares to unleash his new album onto the masses. If you’ve caught Lucent Dossier‘s show at Coachella or Lightning in a Bottle this year, then you have heard a sneak peek of Kraddy’s unreleased sound.

Giving much love to Low End Theory and Daddy Kev as well as the Burner culture which first embraced his type of music, Kraddy is very much an integral part of the West Coast Sound Movement. I caught up with Kraddy last weekend in Venice Beach where he works on a super secret collaboration with a world-renowned DJ, surfs, skates and grows lettuce and tomatoes in the salty SoCal air:

DF5K: Your new EP is about the hero’s journey. What is a hero?

Kraddy: A hero is someone who faces down whatever it is that scares them. The Labyrinth is the battle going on inside each of us with a seemingly undefeatable monster like the Minotaur, and a hero is someone who stands up to their own fear – whatever fear that is.

DF5K: What are you listening to right now?

Kraddy: Booty hip hop 80’s & 90’s super ghetto shit, Brokencyde and screamo-crunk, Alex B’s latest album Moments, classic rock like Zeppelin, Pink Floyd & Hendrix, Camp Lo, Big Pooh, Little Brother, Mono, J Dilla & MC Solaar.

DF5K: Are you as wild and crazy as everyone says?

Kraddy: Every rumor you’ve heard is entirely true (laughs). I feel like a nerd. But catch me in the right mood… I am always down to play the afterparty.

DF5K: Do you have a girlfriend?

Kraddy: No.

DF5K: You seem to be engaged with your fan base and in touch with underground culture – what would you like to see more of in the community?

Kraddy: Innovation.

DF5K: What is your favorite breakfast?

Kraddy: I cook hash browns, black beans and plantains in corn tortillas with salsa, avocado and jalapeno.

DF5K: Why do you love skateboarding so much?

Kraddy: Skating is all about what you have the balls to do, what you will risk to make the next trick. Just like life.

***Stay tuned to the online underground for more news from Kraddy***

Click here to listen to Kraddy’s music

Labyrinth is out November 9 on Alpha Pup Records, with a release party November 10 at Low End Theory.

One Response to “Kraddy Q & A: Minotaurs, Heroes and Hashbrowns”

  1. I love his comment about what he’s listening to currently! Good inspiration! Great interview Shilo

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