Decibel Festival Showcase Spotlight: FLYING LOTUS AND FRIENDS

Flying Lotus has not only created earth-rattling albums, scores to avant-garde animated films and augmented reality applications, but has also inspired an international community of beat lovers and electronic magicians who find motivation and meaning in the sonic space beyond boundaries where his vision and artistry roam.

As head of the Brainfeeder label, Flying Lotus has been instrumental in the dissemination of modern musical adventures; expect a performance like you (and few others) have ever seen or heard from this master of sound and his friends.

One of Flying Lotus’ top partners in space sludge, SAMIYAM brings his aberrant humor and mind-crumbling beats out to bounce the sonic playground. With a fat lean to the left, he throws unexpected electronic elements together in the dirt and then slaps them into your ears with a laugh.

Playing to the dark stripe down your back is Lorn, the newest mind in the Brainfeeder battalion whose musical barbarity bubbles with a blackness that threatens to drown you in the most delightful way possible.

Eskmo’s ‘Colorbrain’ mix for Brainfeeder shows with flying reds and blues that this young artist from San Francisco has a profound sonic signature and the ability to bend beats by his will and create momentous music.

Providing local support is Truckasauras, a foursome of vintage gear freaks with a penchant for Zelda cartridge bling, whose quirky and playful live show has been described as if “Nintendo had sex with a drum.”

As you fling towards the future, join these friends- your friends- for a night of special surprises on a ride that will thrill your soul and feed your mind.

Decibel Festival takes place September 22-26 in Seattle; Flying Lotus and Friends Showcase goes down Thursday September 23 @ Neumos.

Buy tickets here.

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