Decibel Festival Artist Spotlight: LOW LIMIT

Low Limit plays the Beats per Moment Showcase on Saturday, September 25 @ Motor

Smashing a jam-packed treasure chest of tempos, styles and moods into his music, Low Limit’s beats are swamped up with crunk, full of fresh sonic retorts and infused with an audacious enthusiasm. Irradiating audiences with crispy bass beats and a keen ear for overlooked dance floor gems, Low Limit aka Bryant Rutledge takes his background in bottom-heavy hip hop to an adventurous new dimension of sound.

Creating beats and performing for over ten years, Low Limit’s sets are more like improvised live production showcases, fusing together on the fly a myriad of music including rap, juke, 2-step, grime, ghettotech, glitch, found sounds and happy mistakes. Brave, daring and always fun, the music of Low Limit is unlike any other in this world, and dance floors love him for the combination of hard and hyphy bass, fun samples and jacked-up beats that mosh together to provide an exhilarating experience of movement.

Half of the duo Lazer Sword who rose to prominence via thrilling live shows and sticky mixtapes, Low Limit is the more experimental edge of the future-blapping blade, dabbling in beat bass and slicing up dubstep into a rich mayhem of sound. His music is crammed full of interesting sonic catches and throws, screwed down drops, chopped up rap lyrics and slap-happy drums, all highly danceable and all delivered with flair and style.

With four overseas tours under his belt, releases on several hot labels including Numbers, Fat City, Rush Hour and Friends of Friends and a recent move to beat city central Los Angeles, Low Limit is pushing his swaggering sound even further towards oblivion with popping, glitch-ridden beats that instigate mind-riots and dance floor euphoria.


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