Top Ten Reasons Decibel Festival Kicks Ass

It’s about that time of the year when DanceFever5000 turns into Decibel Festival Blog 2010.

In one month from now, some crazy shit is going down in Seatttle. There are many fantastic and unique music festivals out there, but none of them are like Decibel Festival, a celebration of electronic music, visual arts, new media and the international beat community. Thinking about going?

Here are ten reasons to buy that flight to Seattle today.

1. Decibel is a city festival, meaning that you buy a pass and pop around to different venues, checking out artists here and there just like you would stages at an outdoor festival, only you get to shower every night, try out Seattle’s excellent sushi options and sleep in a bed. While many city festivals (Electric Zoo, DEMF, WMC/Ultra) are centered around a giant rave, Decibel Festival is about smaller and more intimate shows – not pacifiers and cuddle puddles.

2. The festival promotes up-and-coming and underrepresented genres of electronica like ambient, beat music, experimental and post-dubstep. You will find little (if any) of the behemoths of the EDM world (like psytrance, straight electro or god help us- happy hardcore) which are omni-present at most electronic music festivals around the world. You can find those sounds anywhere, but no one represents the underdogs like Decibel.

3. Decibel Festival is a non-profit organization run on the enthusiasm of volunteers. This is a festival built by love from dedicated people who want the electronic community of the Pacific Northwest to thrive. There is no huge promotional company making millions off this event, only a devout team of beat freaks who work their asses off. Decibel stokes the fires and creative spirit of the region’s electronic music community for the entire year.

4. It’s in SEATTLE! Seattle is absolutely gorgeous, especially in early autumn. Set on the waters of beautiful Puget Sound, this sparkling city is surrounded by lush green forests and two mountain ranges, topped off by jaw-dropping Mount Rainier. Seattle’s musical heritage includes Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain, and the different neighborhoods of the city are quirky and fun- especially Capitol Hill, where the majority of Decibel events take place. The Emerald City is a fantastic place for a vacation- why not time yours to go with the BPMs?

5. Artists love Decibel. Every year I hear feedback from my artist friends around the world who were completely blown away by the beautiful city, the kind people and the thrilling music of Decibel. The festival’s more intimate nature means that performers can check out each other’s sets, and often you will see dance floors packed with other artists. It’s a schmoozefest of the first degree, and meeting your favorite performer is as easy as walking up and saying hello.

6. Decibel Festival takes place in diverse venues. Showcases this year will be held not only in clubs, bars and lounges but also at Nordstrom Recital Center at swanky Benaroya Hall, a giant studio loft, a motherfuckin’ BOAT on Lake Union and a public park right under the Space Needle in Seattle Center.

7. Decibel Fest is a very good value. All-access passes for the 5-day festival cost $155 and get you into 28 of the 30 showcases (the other two are very limited-capacity venues, like the Islander Cruise Ship). That’s less than $6 per showcase. While you probably won’t get to all of them unless you have superpowers, even if you leisurely hit half, that’s slightly over $10 per showcase, a ridiculous value considering the lineups of some of these events. Individual event tickets can be purchased as well; find out all the showcase information on the Decibel Festival website here.

8. Decibel is a smartly curated festival. While many big events throw together artists on stages and into time slots like fruits into a basket, each showcase at Decibel is well thought-out and planned with a theme in mind, like West Coast Love, Bass Without Borders or The Art of Rhythm. You will walk away from each showcase with a greater understanding of a certain aspect of electronic music culture.

9. Seattle knows how to party. For real. The drizzly winters, overcast weather and cooler temperatures keep people cooped up a large amount of the year, so when they go out, they go the fuck out. The Seattle electronic music community is small but extremely passionate; promoters often work together to support each other and the spirit is one of collaborated upward movement. You will be hard pressed to find any pretense, snotty attitudes or even high heels.

10. HOLY SHIT HAVE YOU SEEN THE LINEUP?!?!? Seriously- just read through this list. It’s a little ridiculous, and all the artists haven’t even been announced yet! Any names you don’t recognize are most likely locals AKA my homies who always step the hell up to the plate and bring their A game during Decibel.

  • 12th Planet
  • 214
  • Adlib
  • Aksion
  • Alex B
  • Audiopixel
  • Beats Antique
  • Ben Frost
  • Ben Tactic
  • Bluetech presents Satori Social
  • Carl Craig
  • Cassy
  • Catz ‘N Dogz
  • Clubroot
  • Ctrl_Alt_Dlt
  • Dan Bell
  • Dash EXP
  • Darek Mazzone
  • Deepchild
  • Deepvibez
  • Demo
  • Dinky
  • Dirty
  • Disco Nihilist
  • Distance
  • Dubtek
  • Ean Golden
  • Emancipator
  • Energy Flash
  • Eric Orr
  • Eskmo
  • Falty DL
  • Fax
  • Fennesz
  • Flying Lotus
  • Gold Panda
  • Grouper
  • Grym
  • Headhunter AKA Addison Groove
  • Ikonika
  • Ill Cosby
  • Incyde
  • Introcut
  • Jagga Culture
  • Jeromy Nail
  • Jimmy Hoffa
  • Jon A.D.
  • Just One
  • Kevin Saunderson
  • Kid Hops
  • Kid Simple
  • Kris Moon
  • Kyle Hall
  • Lawnchair Generals
  • Lawrence English
  • Levi Clark
  • Lincolnup
  • Lioncub
  • Looptid Visuals
  • Lorn
  • Low Limit of Lazer Sword
  • Luke Hess
  • Lukki
  • Lusine
  • Machinedrum
  • Mark Van Hoen
  • Mary Anne Hobbs
  • Mat the Alien
  • Menami
  • Michael Manahan
  • Mister Leisure
  • Modeselektor
  • Monkeytek
  • Monolake/Rober Henke
  • Monty Luke
  • Mortiz Von Oswald Trio
  • Mount Kimbie
  • Murcof
  • Mux Mool
  • Nasty Nasty
  • Nordic Soul ***Decibel Festival Founder/Curator/Director***
  • Noveller
  • Oneohtrix Point Never
  • Pantha Du Prine
  • Pezzner
  • Pfadfinderei
  • Phidelity
  • Phutureprimitive
  • Pixelflip
  • Plastician
  • Praveen
  • Press
  • Pressha
  • Rafael Anton Irisarri
  • Ramiro
  • Recess
  • Ryan Organ
  • Samiyam
  • Sanso-Xtro
  • Sappho
  • Scuba
  • Sepalcure
  • Shlohmo
  • Soul Clap
  • Splatinum
  • Starkey
  • Struggle
  • Suntzu Sound
  • Surpass
  • Tanner Ross
  • Teebs
  • The Perfect Cyn
  • Theo Parrish
  • Tim Green
  • Tracer Visuals
  • Truckasauras
  • Trus’me
  • TZR
  • Untold
  • Vibesquad
  • Vladislav Delay
  • Zachariah Walker

Decibel Festival takes place September 22-26 in Seattle; get more information on the Decibel Festival website or skip the details and buy tickets here. I very much hope to see you on the dance floors of my favorite festival in the world. Let the countdown begin!

2 Responses to “Top Ten Reasons Decibel Festival Kicks Ass”

  1. Reason #11 – Shilo will be there 🙂


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