Innerflight presents: RED EYE AFTERHOURS (Unofficial Decibel Festival Afterparty)

One of Seattle’s premier record labels and production crews, Innerflight, welcomes you aboard a trip until dawn on Friday September 24 with bass cadets from the Nth dimension at the Red Eye Afterhours. Please bring your seats to the get-down position and prepare to get lifted.

He’s ill – and sick. ill Gates is a man of the world and of many layers; this teacher and hopeless geek has a global fan base thanks to regular international tours and his “ill methodology” production workshops. A profound influence and inspiration to many other artists, ill will teach you how to shake that thang proper with a wickedly dynamic set of ground-down grooves and crunked up collages of sound.

Take brings beats from the LA underground and throws them together with style, swagger and a keen artistic sensibility. Blending melodic layers and unexpected elements, he creates a beautiful sonic evolution that is often off-kilter and always on point.

Who’s that growling under the stairs, with beats wrapped in dirty blankets and blood dripping off his chin? It’s Lorn, a new luminary/dark seed in Brainfeeder’s ensemble of freaks, whose forceful basslines and provocative aggression are grabbing more new fans by the throat with each passing night.

Potatofinger designs biorobotic brain picture music for aliens with the air of a vaudeville man-machine, and Rhines will hypnotize the dance floor into a dirty oblivion with his fluid and forward sound.

Thank you for traveling Innerflight, and please be aware that things may move and shift during the journey, including your body, your spirit and your mind.

Innerflight’s Red Eye Afterhours Unofficial Decibel Festival Afterparty takes place Friday, September 24 at the Monkey Loft from 11:30PM-6AM. Find out more about Decibel Festival here.

Photo by Placebo Arts

2 Responses to “Innerflight presents: RED EYE AFTERHOURS (Unofficial Decibel Festival Afterparty)”

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  2. Sweet write up! Love the top photo of the Innerflight art car!!

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