Decibel Festival Artist Spotlight: LORN

Lorn plays Flying Lotus & Friends Showcase @ Neumos on Thursday, September 23

and Innerflight’s Red Eye Afterhours @ The Monkey Loft on Friday, September 24

Beauty created from desolation is one of the last refuges of human hope, and behind an exceptionally moving musical expression of this truth stands a man of brooding intensity and emotional fearlessness, whose clear conviction shines through a shroud of mystery and beats sworn to black.

Unafraid and unhinged, Lorn’s music is exquisitely dark and ominous, simmering with anger that churns forcefully against a furtive longing. Yet Lorn passes far beyond this evocative brutality and plunges head first into the absurd; he draws not only a portrait of shadowy struggle but also arouses a dynamic universe of sentiments using deconstructed sounds and skills built from the ground up.

Lorn’s debut full-length album Nothing Else, released on Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder label, has stirred the minds of listeners and rattled the keyboards of critics around the world, accumulating praise from musical authorities such as Pitchfork and the BBC, as well as bloggers and the online underground alike.

The Milwaukee-based producer hails from the future of music as do his Brainfeeder contemporaries, however this young artist also forges a connection between the current exploding beat scene and its roots in the experimental scratch community born many years ago. Sharing his music online with other explorers of new software technology, Lorn cultivated a global following with his original scratch beats and traveled to play in the UK, Europe and Canada before ever releasing an album.

At age 23, this art school dropout has already been making beats for almost a decade, and with the release of Nothing Else has moved his mastery of emotion to a new level. Influenced by the sounds of metal, drum and bass, ambient, classical, early hip hop, funk and the inherent pain of human existence, the music that pushes itself out of Lorn’s head is uncompromising to the point of defiance, sharply reflecting his commitment to his craft that has inspired so many others.

Lorn, left behind no more, is an impassioned performer who commands the crowd, with a stage presence that parallels the extreme emotional output of his music. Expect no less than greatness from this artist; certitude and concern is a potent combination for the creation of beauty, and from the unconquerable will of one shall no doubt emerge profound musical experiences for many.


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