Decibel Festival Showcase Spotlight: WEST COAST LOVE – dB in the Park (Saturday)

The West Coast of America has never had a problem with low self-esteem. Referred to as the “Best Coast” by chilled out lefties from sunny San Diego to the emerald city of Seattle, this slice of the country was settled by pioneers and immigrants in search of the boundless opportunities and freedom of lifestyle that this edge of the world provides. Today many dreamers, doers and nature-lovers still flock towards the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean to live in an area that enjoys a laid-back yet dialed-in vibe, progressive cultural attitudes, plenty of wide open spaces and green, green grass.

Saturday we shall dance upon the grass and show you how the West Coast rocks at Decibel in the Park: West Coast Love with music from five artists that have undeniably been influenced by the Left Coast lean at a showcase that is guaranteed to go off. Bluetech’s new endeavor Satori Social is an otherworldly electronic band that combines the deep dub sound that the artist is loved for with live instruments, percussion, and the engaging vocals and unique dance moves of Katrina Blackstone.

Nosaj Thing delivers jaw-knocking drops with a celestial agility, curving the beats to his will and throwing down sounds of beauty and bass. His latest album Drift (Alpha Pup) has flung the young artist on tours around the world; with a sublime aesthetic style and a sound akin to a magic carpet, this beatmaster gracefully grinds his listeners into the floor.

Rumbling out of Oakland with pimped-out polyrhythms, NastyNasty plays grime-based club music for sound nerds; from gutter thunk to gurgling beats this producer hits heavy with a drop-in, street bass style.

Mat the Alien arrives from the far reaches of Canada and outer space to throw down some fun, funky basslines and quick multi-genre mixing. When this turntable master isn’t running the scene in snowboard-heaven Whistler, he is touring the world and rocking music for video games, the Olympics and MTV.

Seattle’s very own bike ravers and helmet-wearing connoisseurs of grime, Splatinum, deliver a high-energy performance with basslines that bounce like back talk off the dance floor.

Local hustla Pressha brings beats from a variety of sources and styles together in unexpected new ways, always thrilling listeners with fresh tracks and crushing bass that never fails to crunk up the occasion.

Complimenting this exciting sonic showcase is Eric Orr, a professional graffiti artist from the Bronx who will translate the music into a mural, providing visual stimulation and inspiration for the guests of Decibel in the Park.

Decibel Festival takes place September 22-26 in Seattle; dB in the Park: West Coast Love is presented by Decibel and Bassdrop and goes down Saturday September 25 at the Mural Amphitheatre in Seattle Center.

Buy tickets here.

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