Decibel Festival Artist Spotlight: SAMIYAM

Samiyam plays Flying Lotus & Friends Showcase @ Neumos on Thursday, September 23

Since the year 2004, Sam has been the proud owner of two midi cables. They are currently in his closet under some other shit.

SOUNDS LIKE: Got a gun, screwdriver, knife and shank – plus I break face bones with my platinum rings.

Soulful joker Samiyam of the Brainfeeder clan has garnered an international following for his shifty, slouchy, street-infused beats. Originally from Ann Arbor Michigan, Samiyam is part of the independent producers movement and rose to prominence from inside his bedroom walls, through beats shared on a global level between producers, DJs and fans hungry for his laid-back sound.

Funky and disjointed, Samiyam’s music thumps with a hip hop backbone and swaggers into the future through a smoky cloud of jazz influences and a twisted sensibility from an artist who uses a “platinum midi toaster oven” as equipment and hand-designed each individual album cover for his last release- on porn pages.

With a wide sweep of inspiration from video games to Italian horror movies to Michael Jackson, Samiyam unravels sounds then shoves them back together in clever new ways. His music mutates and then takes shape into a hard and sloppy sonic experience, textured by wet beats that drip with soul.

Samiyam was Hyperdub’s first U.S. signing and has also released on a plethora of highly respected labels including Warp Records, Ninja Tune, Poo-Bah and Brainfeeder. His first full-length album, Rap Beats Vol. 1, was a copious collection of deconstructed delights that showcased this young producer’s quick thinking and keen ear for unusual combinations.

Now a resident of Los Angeles and an integral member of the local beat community, Samiyam collaborates with Flying Lotus under the name FlyamSam and has plans to release a full-length album this fall on Brainfeeder. Like concrete smashing through a dirty window, the sound of Samiyam shatters expectations, and if you listen closely to the fragmented shards of bouncing street bass- you can hear his swag.


Samiyam on Facebook

Samiyam on Myspace

Photo by Jorge Meza

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