Decibel Festival Artist Spotlight: SHLOHMO

Shlohmo plays RBMA on the Floor (Bass Without Borders) Showcase @ Neumos Friday September 24 at Decibel Festival with Modeselektor, Pfadfinderei, Headhunter AKA Addison Groove, Mount Kimbie and Teebs

With a production finesse and beats that belie their creator’s age, twenty year-old Shlohmo AKA Henry Laufner stands on the bright side of the shifty music movement, producing multi-strata avant-hop whose undeniable thunk shuffles somewhere between abstract instrumentalism, psychedelic synth funk and hip-hop based IDM.

Pushing forward the evolution of electronica, this bedroom producer and college student uses dirty textures, mutated samples and found sounds to create collage-like music that echoes of hip hop and is cooked to perfection- never raw, and never overdone. Smashing through a surreal downtempo ambience with aggressive bass, Shlohmo’s glitchy, bottom-heavy tracks are pulpy with obscure sounds and beats that slouch easily on the left side of the field.

Shlohmo’s music is inspired by the laid-back yet high-energy ethos of his native Los Angeles, a city whose streets and sun have animated an entire musical community around such spaced-out, intelligent beats. However his sound stands out as being brighter and breezier than that of his compatriots, with an agility owing perhaps to the freshness of youth.

Organically off-kilter and eccentrically flavored, Shlohmo’s productions have been championed by Dublab, Mary Anne Hobbs of BBC Radio 1 and Daddy Kev, who booked the artist to headline at the world-renowned club night Low End Theory. Shlohmo also heads up WeDidIt, a creative collective of artists and friends that the producer established while still in high school.

With two brilliant releases this year on LA-based label Friends of Friends, a full-length album Shlohmoshun Deluxe and a follow up EP Camping, Shlohmo has propelled his unique music to the forefront of the experimental hip hop movement. As this young producer continues to develop his talent and skills, we can no doubt look forward to more deconstructed sounds hewn from the gritty space where organic and electronic realms collide.


Shlohmo on Twitter

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Decibel Festival takes place September 22-26 in Seattle; the Red Bull Music Academy on the Floor Showcase goes down Friday September 24 @ Neumos.

Buy tickets here.


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