REVIEW: The Do Lab presents Marty Party & Heyoka @ King King

Photo of MartyParty by Crash Photo.

For more pics check out The Do Lab’s Facebook profile here.

The Do Lab’s shows at King King are becoming my monthly trek to Hollywood. Oh I find myself in Hollyweird far more often than that, the neighborhood being somewhat of a necessary evil when you live in Los Angeles. However I try to avoid shows in Hollyhood as much as possible. In general the drinks are expensive, the people are stupid, the sidewalk smells like urine and the parking situation is almost as bad as “The Situation.”

But for The Do Lab, I will endure, because I know the music is going to be good. I know the crowd will be smiling and I know the whole club will be dancing from start to finish. I love this. Usually at clubs in LA or anywhere there is a much higher percentage of looky-loo’s than dancers, which lends itself to a creepy, voyeuristic feel. But The Do Lab’ shows are not about standing and watching. They are about crowd participation, and damn that crowd got down on Thursday night! I was impressed.

I have come to understand that arriving in Hollywood before midnight is for whatever reason, almost impossible for me. The venue was at capacity; inside the club things were bubbling with excitement and a little jammed up, especially by the bar where the precise female bartender was coolly serving drinks, without a single ruffled feather. $15 for two 7&7’s is not a bad price for LA.

The crowd was young and beautiful and sweating through the nines they were dressed to. The Do Lab tends to pull a Burner crowd, which in LA is WAY better dressed and better looking than any other Burner crowd on the West Coast I have ever encountered. You could hardly even smell the hippie funk, and while I am pretty sure fake tits fall under the category of moop, no one could deny this crowd was strutting for a reason.

Overall the dance floor was very mixed and diverse, just like the music flowing out of the speakers. Heyoka plays thoughtful grooves that hook you and do not let go; this sonic shaman guided us through a lush realm of psychedelic dub, screwed-down basslines and gurgly beats.

MartyParty brought the bling to the party, with his trademark trucker hat and toothy smile, which always makes me smile. His mere presence lifts my spirits, while his dirty music lowers my intentions. He dove right in with some Lil Wayne – who doesn’t like ice cream? – then proceeded to rip apart King King with his fun sideways remixes, twisted up bass drop and sick samples. Just like his music, MartyParty bounces, and his energy slaps up the crowd into a positive state of mind. I love to watch him, I really love his music, and I will always be on MartyParty’s dance floor.

Some in the crowd mentioned they were kind of confused- and annoyed- at the crew of people jumping around on stage around and behind MartyParty during his set, who served chiefly to distract from his music and performance. Whether these were random stage-crashers or a posse of his friends, they were certainly not doing MartyParty any favors.

However this was just a tiny detail, like the dorky parking lot situation that had the valets driving through the crowded smoking area all night – are they trying to kill drunk people? Overall, this was the kind of show that promoters dream about: top notch music from unique and inspiring artists plus a beautiful crowd that dances from start to finish. Ten points!

Next month The Do Lab presents Bluetech, Emancipator and Laura Escudé. Find the Facebook event page here, and you might want to go ahead and buy your tickets- or get stuck trying to talk your way in.

Photo of Heyoka by Watchara.

For more pics check out The Do Lab’s Facebook profile here.

3 Responses to “REVIEW: The Do Lab presents Marty Party & Heyoka @ King King”

  1. watermelon Says:

    I was quite taken by Marty Party’s set, i’ve never heard such a d0pe set ever! The way he blended in hip hop with dubstep was out of this world. I am most certainly with you ! Gonna be a part of Marty Partys dance floor for times to come 🙂 i’m telling all my friends, and neighbors…This man is just crazy behind the decks! I wish I had a replay button so I could relive those amazing sounds in full.

  2. MartyParty is one word capital “P”.
    Cheers and great writeup meng!

  3. Bum email above oops ;-/

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