Decibel Festival Showcase Spotlight: BASS WITHOUT BORDERS w/MODESELEKTOR, Pfadfinderei, Headhunter, Mount Kimbie, Shlohmo & Teebs


Once upon a time, electronic music could be categorized by genre based on factors such as beats per minute, tone, style and other easily recognizable sonic elements.

That time is no more.

The pioneering artists of the Bass Without Borders aka Red Bull Music Academy On The Floor showcase embody this brave new era of sound where categories no longer apply. For those willing to let go of their musical preconceptions and step into a sonic experience without the reassurance of rules, the result can be complete artistic liberation. Freed from the confines of classification, post-genre music demands to be interpreted on an individual basis, creating a level of engagement that can only be found in the space where there are no boundaries – only bass.


Headlining act Modeselektor owns an exuberant and wickedly diverse sound that has captivated fans of every electronic persuasion; their controlled chaos and daring sensory combinations resemble a wild urban jungle of beats. Longtime partners and avant-garde visual artists Pfadfinderei perform along with Modeselektor, and the stimulating collaboration will transport the dance floor to a fenceless and very sweaty place.

Headhunter aka Addison Groove

Headhunter aka Addison Groove lays down fierce sets on the exploratory side of tech-dub-step; this Bristol-based artist has a knack for producing contagious beats that latch onto brainwaves like pounding parasites. His insanely infectious, juke-inspired “Footcrab” phenomenon is without a doubt the dubstep anthem of 2010.

Mount Kimbie

Loved by underground indie kids and major publications alike for their percussive, post-dubstep sound, Mount Kimbie makes intimate, off-center beats that have lit the lips of the music industry. Eschewing pomp for pastorality, Mount Kimbie takes an agile approach to emotionally arresting music, creating a feel-good version of “chaos light.”


Completing the showcase are two master sound manipulators who represent the next generation of the fertile Los Angeles beat community, Shlohmo and Teebs. Shlohmo’s shifty, lo-fi beat experiments are wrapped in bass, using dirty textures and strangled samples to create soundscapes of unusual brightness in a beat scene known for being dark and smoky.


Dublab DJ, painter and Brainfeeder alumni Teebs has a funky yet beautiful sound that hits the heart right on target; this visual artist’s easy energy colors his gauzy, downtempo beats with a sublime and psychedelic richness.

The artists of Bass Without Borders meet together at Decibel Festival in a sonic realm beyond boundaries, where the only rule is innovation and the only defining musical characteristic is that it cannot be defined.

And the dance floor lived happily ever after.

Decibel Festival takes place September 22-26 in Seattle; the Red Bull Music Academy on the Floor Showcase goes down Friday September 24 @ Neumos.

Buy tickets here.


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