Decibel Festival Showcase Spotlight: THE ART OF RHYTHM (Beats Antique, Emancipator, Phutureprimitive & Phidelity)

(Beats Antique)
The Art of Rhythm showcase will prove beyond a shadow of a beat that electronica can be a deeply powerful emotional motivator when infused with humanity and warmth. Espousing this deeper approach to digital expression along with conscious thought and live arts performance are the neotribal communities of the West Coast, whose influence on the evolution of electronic music increases with each festival season. The Art of Rhythm showcases four live artists whose heartfelt, organic music represents well this uniquely West Coast culture of creativity.

Fusing global roots music, gypsy hip hop and a steampunk time machine, electro-acoustic group Beats Antique has blown up to the moon in 2010 with a signature circus-freak sound and influences that stretch from the West Coast to the Middle East. From Afrobeat to belly dance, brass band to breakbeats, Beats Antique’s innovative approach to live electronica results in hugely fun performances that land just this side of the rabbit hole.




Artful and intricate, Emancipator creates silky music with a sick edge; this juxtaposition of hard and pretty is one reason the refined producer is in high demand at shows all across the nation- despite having played out for the first time in summer 2009.

Phutureprimitive takes his primal dub sound to mystical new levels with hypnotic grooves and heavy bass, resulting in a cinematic sonic experience that is richly complimented by his live electronic band. Phinally,


Phidelity brings a fun funkiness to psychedelica by dipping his sets in dirty dub then delivering them with the clean precision of a Pacific Northwest scientist- listen closely to his music, and you can hear the trees.

Decibel Festival takes place September 22-26 in Seattle; The Art of Rhythm Showcase is presented by Starborne and goes down Friday September 24 @ Motor.

Buy tickets here.

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