FRIDAY MIX: Partners in Grime 3

If you like your bass music thrashingly violent and disturbing like a crack rock sandwich that punches you in the face repeatedly and then slaps your sister on the ass, maybe you should check out this mix from Seattle-based Partners in Grime.

Shoved full of dubstep bangers, popping glitch hop and even some demonwhore drumstep, this is a fine set of choons to start your weekend with:

Track list  —>

1.) I Got-Mix n Blend
2.) Nanopuppy- Stephen Jacobs & Samples (dub)
3.) Serial Killer – Shackles
4.) Subject One- Torqx & Twist
5.) Typhoon- Foreign Beggars ft. Chasing Shadows
6.) In Memory-SPL
7.) Coming Closer VIP- Sub Focus
8.) Gangster- Dreadzone (Trolley Snatcha Remix)
9.) Circle of Fire- 501
10.) Over- Drake (Hellfire Machina’s Livin’ Life Right Now Remix)
11.) 3 Fist Style- Datsik
12.) Vortex- Matta
13.) Calypso- Excision (Tom Encore Remix)
14.) Breathe- Samples (dub)
15.) Oil & Gas- Kat1lyst (dub)
16.) Put you on the Game- Knight Riders (dub)
17.) Turn it up- Amp Live (MartyParty Remix)
18.) I can fly- J.ME.J
19.) I get it in- Omarion (Siren Remix)
20.) Basshead- Bassnectar
21.) Myspace & Twitter Murder- Kat1lyst (dub)
22.) Bounce That- Chingy (Jansten Remix) (dub)
23.) Give it up- SPL & D. Poetica
24.) Massive Attack Boot- Bassnectar
25.) T-10- D.Minds (Gangster Step Remix)
26.) Kick Snare- Crissy Criss & Youngman (Drumstep VIP)
27.) Hold On ft. Amber Coffman- Rusko (Sub Focus Remix)
28.) My Love- Adam John
29.) I Need Killers- Heist
30.) Killa Tune- Knowsleep
31.) Shout it Out- David Starfire (An-Ten-Nae Remix)
32.) Automation- Lorn
33.) Drop Bombs- Samples (Mochipet Remix) (dub)
34.) Mike, Aaron, and Eddie-Haiku d’tat (Boreta Remix)
35.) On My Grind- Kat1lyst (dub)
36.) Suicidal Thoughts- Notorious B.I.G. (Lorn Remix)
37.) Under Construction- J.ME.J
38.) Focus- Subvert ft. Shamik
39.) Basic Space- The XX (Shower Beer Graveyard Remix)

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