SPLATINUM “Love For Those Hustlers” Album Download *FREE*

In a world where most artists are loathe to even crack a smile on their profile pictures, you gotta love a production team that regards their music and indeed the whole world with a wink, a laugh and maybe a little humping- or at least I do.

Seattle pair Splatinum has just released their latest oeuvre Love For Those Hustlers on Bass Drop Music for free; the single “Vadonna’s Magina” was featured in XLR8R, and you can download the entire album here.

With a stanky-sweet remix of Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Posse on Broadway” and track titles like “Know About the Dirty South” and “It’s Bigger Than Glitch Hop,” it is obvious that these guys had fun making the album, almost as much as you’ll have listening to it.

Splatinum is booked to play this year’s Decibel Festival, held in Seattle September 23-26. I will be there front and center, getting dumb to to 808 kick drum.

One Response to “SPLATINUM “Love For Those Hustlers” Album Download *FREE*”

  1. Hell ya Splatinum is amazing! Dont miss them on July 23rd at Dubstylez of The Glitch & Famous! With Nanda, Timonkey, Bass Mechanic, 007 & Root

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