LORN “Nothing Else” Out Today on Brainfeeder

Shrouded in shadows and heaving mystery just like his music, “the Brainfeeder’s family creepy cousinLorn has just released his debut album Nothing Else on Flying Lotus’ highly regarded imprint. A lot of music lately sounds like it was made for robots; but Nothing Else was made for monsters….YOUR monsters, of course.

Heavy-moving and full, this album will rumble the nebulous side of your soul, providing a safe place to let loose your madness. However calling Lorn’s sound “dark” is taking the easy way out; Nothing Else is far more complex than the battle between good and evil. The story pulls away from the recesses of the mind towards the end, like the monsters found God, God was dead and everyone just breathed a big sigh of relief.

Lorn is based in Milwaukee, which he describes as “a highly segregated city seemingly without a sense of identity where I sleep on a shitty mattress under a window that faces an emaciated and desolate children’s playground.” (Fact Mag)

The first release off Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder imprint since the bomb-drop of Cosmogramma (Warp Records) last month AND the first from an artist not affiliated with the City of Dreams, Nothing Else has already inspired a bubbling-up of critical acclaim from the online underground:

LA Weekly declares Lorn a “beast on the beat machine,” describing his sound as “thick bass, melancholy melodies, eerie textures and dark, dark moods.”

BBC says “If the heat isn’t If the heat isn’t felt by the close of Bretagne, then Automaton will set that unlikely situation straight. How best to convey just how the track collapses the canals, smashes up the inside of the skull, and then disappears into the dark trailing bloody, broken remains behind it?”

From Playground Mag: “The dude is scary. There is no sicker behaviour than watching the world from the first row, with a glass of cognac in your hand. One of the best lobotomies of the 21st century.”

Genres and styles are irrelevant to me when I’m making and listening to music: I typically get drunk out of my mind and let things take their natural course,” Lorn explains (read the full interview in Lo-Quality Blog here).

Wow, I really like this guy. And I am not alone- he is heralded/interviewed/reviewed/poked at on PitchforkBeatnik, The Line of Best Fit, Tiny Mix Tapes, Boomkat, XLR8R, Resident Advisor, Turntable Lab, Drowned in Sound and heaps more (I could seriously post 20 more links here), as everyone wants a ride on the deep, dark bandwagon to hell.


AND THEN BUY IT! Spending money on music is SO fucking sexy.

Lorn plays Low End Theory next Wednesday (June 16) along with the Strange Utopia Tour

Nothing Else Video Trailer:

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