Heads Up: Photosynthesis Festival 3.0

A young festival that is put on by a community-first crew up in the Pacific Northwest, Photosynthesis is the type of party that makes an LA girl want to buy a ticket to Rainland- which should be sunny and gorgeous the weekend of July 23-25 in Randall, Washington.

You can read my heartfelt (and long) write-up of Photosynthesis 1.0 here; it was one of the first event reviews I ever wrote. That was the weekend I fell in love with techno.

Preliminary Lineup:

  • Blockhead
  • Voodeux
  • Kilowatts
  • Tanner Ross
  • The Flashbulb
  • Phoenecia
  • Bartel
  • Derek Plaslaiko
  • Ancient Tongue
  • TKO
  • novaTRON
  • Splatinum
  • Gel Sol
  • Manahan
  • Rob Noble
  • Nordic Soul
  • Adlib
  • Ruso
  • Phidelity
  • Sporeganic
  • Anjali and the Incredible Kid
  • Jrobi
  • Ryan Organ
  • Grym
  • Cyan Wave
  • Merchants Of
  • Nelia
  • Contents
  • Chris Null with Greer Sullivan
  • Marxman.45
  • Sapience

From Photosynthesis:

Photosynthesis Festival is an exhibition of creativity across and between the senses, harnessing the energies breeding creation and channeling them through artistic expression and sustainable living. We seek to exemplify the symbiotic relationship between the past, present and future of our choices and experiences.

We aim to present an experience that builds community and awakens the higher self. Our staff will provide the fuel to incorporate nature, vibration and collaboration to focus our intention on a bright new horizon. You provide the spark.

Come play. Be moved. Namaste.

Photosynthesis Festival Facebook Fan Page

Photosynthesis Festival 3.0 Facebook Event Page

Photosynthesis Website

5 Responses to “Heads Up: Photosynthesis Festival 3.0”

  1. Don’t forget me on the lineup 😉

  2. Kaycie Lopez Jones Says:

    Do you guys need any volunteers? if so hit me up!!


    • dancefever5000 Says:

      Kaycie, this blog is not associated with Photosynthesis, if I were you I would hit them up directly via their website. They probably do need volunteers. 🙂

  3. Janelle Says:

    Exciiiiiited for this!!!!!!!! 🙂

  4. Thanks Shilo! Hope to see you this year! Last year wassnt the same without you! Really appreciate the press!

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