Last week a friend and member of the Low End Theory extended family as well as integral part of the thriving Los Angeles beat scene was taken into custody by the INS after armed agents entered his house early Wednesday morning. He is now being held  in New Mexico in a “facility” awaiting deportation unless we can re-open his case. KUTMAH NEEDS YOUR HELP.

Kutmah aka Justin McNulty is an active contributor to the LA music community whose fresh ideas ripple outward across the spectrum of cutting-edge arts around the globe. A Dublab DJ whose innovative music night ‘Sketchbook’ was somewhat of a precursor to Low End Theory, Kutmah was supposed to play Flying Lotus’ record release party this weekend. His deportation would be a huge loss to the artistic community on the West Coast.

He could have kept his head down in life and stayed under the radar, but instead he chose to make music and put forth his creative endeavors to the community at risk of losing his home.

Kutmah’s story has been picked up by the LA Times, the LA Weekly, Brooklyn VeganBoing Boing and URB Magazine and his crew is rallying around him in an enormous grassroots effort to bring his case and his huge artistic contributions to the music community to light.


Sign the petition to keep Kutmah home.

Write letters and send to your congressmen and women; at this link there is a letter template & address information.

Tweet about this case with the hash tag #FREEKOOTZ and make sure to include @boxer_2010 to get our senator’s attention. Retweet the articles in the publications noted above.

Join the Free Kutmah Facebook group.

Come to the FREE KUTMAH fundraiser next Tuesday May 18- Sketchbook Sessions @ Verdugo Bar with Gaslamp Killer, SamIYam, Ras G, Dibia$e, Tokimonsta, Coleman, Byze 1, NoMSG, Abcnt, Jedi, Shoes, My Hollow Drum & C Minus.

Come to the FREE KUTMAH fundraiser next Friday May 21 at The Crosby in OC presented by OBEY with RasG, SamIYam, Take, Teebs, Nobody, Abcnt, Pubes, Coleman, NoMSG, Roam and live screen printing by the Hit+Run crew.

PLEASE HELP by passing this information along to your friends! Thank you very much.

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