Behind the Scenes with Lucent Dossier: Coachella 2010 Photo Gallery

I spent much of Coachella camping, hanging out, dancing, eating and playing at The Do Lab stage & misting oasis with the beautiful cast of characters from Lucent Dossier, a theatrical performance troupe unique in this universe- and probably another few dimensions as well.

What impressed me the most was how very, very hard this group works day and night to bring elements of play into your life and to give you a taste of the absurd. It may look like all fun and games, and much of it is, but these ladies and gentlemen work their behinds off to create what was for many the highlight of Coachella 2010.

Watch more videos of Lucent Dossier & Coachella here.

See photos from Lucent Dossier behind the scenes here.

Check out my Coachella 2010 review and photo gallery here.

2 Responses to “Behind the Scenes with Lucent Dossier: Coachella 2010 Photo Gallery”

  1. awesome!!! thanks for sharing. looking forward to seeing lucent at lightning in a bottle 🙂

    m e o w

  2. i am so excited to have discovered lucent dossier tonight! what an incredible show! thanks for posting.

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