Jahcoozi “Barefoot Wanderer” drops April 19 on BPitch Control

Heads up! Jahcoozi’s highly anticipated album Barefoot Wanderer drops April 19 and is full of chunky, dubby grooves and impeccable beats with a deep intensity, all topped off with Sasha’s creamsicle voice that belies the slicing lyrics she spits.

I have been a big fan of Jahcoozi for a while; their albums Pure Breed Mongrel & Blitz ‘N’ Ass are such that when I play them in my car for unsuspecting earholes, 90% of the time, people say WOW who the fuck is this? Oh my GOD can I have a copy?

Berlin-based Jahcoozi is made up of beat maestro Robot Koch (who you might remember from this track), MC and wildcat Sasha Perera, and Oren Gerlitz, a bass freak and “sound tech fetishist” of the first order. And oh yeah they’re all cool as hell. You know Sasha’s voice, as it makes an appearance on about 50% of glitch hop mixes ever made. Not sure? Remixes of Pure Breed Mongrel‘s “Shake the Doom” and “Who” capped off Kraddy’s Illegal Album as track #’s 13 & 14:Who’s more underground, who’s more down…” Gotta love it!

This trio of superstars delivers fat live performances (book them West Coast promoters!); Sasha and Oren performed at Decibel Festival 2008 and this was my impression:

Sasha and Oren took the stage and proceeded to turn the club on its head- what started as a half-full room of looky-loos ended in an all-out dance brawl. MC and rapper Sasha kept jumping down into the crowd and we all gathered around her like we were third-graders on a playground and she was the cool girl, dancing in a circle and getting down and getting dirty. She WAS the cool girl, and with her I-don’t-give-a-shit dance moves, heavy crowd interaction, sharp lyrics and mad trumpet skills she won over everyone there as did Oren, backing her up with his keen beats and electric bass. Jahcoozi’s performance was definitely one of the highlights of the festival for me and I have heard the same from several people.

DJs take note– BPitch is having a remix contest of the first single “Barefoot Dub,” with the possibility of being released on the respected label, free promo & a bag of merch. Find the details on Big Up Magazine here.

Barefoot Wanderer by Jahcoozi drops April 19 on BPitch Control.


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