Lucent Dossier Experience Brings the Sacred Playground to Coachella

When you were young and yearning for adventure, did you ever dream of running off and joining the circus?

Well, Lucent Dossier did. And now they are throwing pebbles at your window, trying to lure you out of your comfortable world to whisper in your ear and share with you how it’s done.

Not SHOW you how it’s done, like most performers do- but to pull you into their fantastical world of post-apocalyptic shenanigans and take you along with them on soaring flights of fancy through neo-tribal dimensions. You will encounter cosmic tribes of urban gypsies, mystical playmates who want to cuddle, inexplicable laughter and absolutely no boundaries- only walls to climb and fire to eat. Are you hungry?

You should be. In the face of these dark and nihilistic times, there is one idea that rings true – and then squeaks true’s horn for good measure: the absurd.

The idea of the absurd is not just some brain-fondling philosophical stance touted by post-modern French existentialists. In fact, you know this theory well, as you seek and fail time and time again to make sense of this maddening, crazy world and the bizarre creatures called humans that inhabit it. The absurd is a breath of fresh air in this era of information overconsumption.

And no one creates an experience of the absurd like Lucent Dossier, an LA-based theatrical performance troupe who juggles swords, twirls fire, spins water, walks on stilts, swings from silk strands in the air, contorts their bodies, dances like freaks and in general, ruffles up the feathers of your mind. They seek not only to entertain you, but also to bring you into their wonderworld of vaudevillian humor through interactive choreography, costumes from a steampunk dream and music that will knock your party socks off.

During a Lucent Dossier Experience, you might have your aura read, be spray-painted with reptilian tattoos, get your feet washed in rosewater or be served orange slices from a feathered goddess in the desert- before she sprays you with a water gun.

From vampire conventions to the Grammys, Ireland to Black Rock City and laughtastic wonderland to a fuzzy whim-slam funktopolis, Lucent Dossier Experience does well what we should all be doing: dancing upon the sacred playground.

What is the sacred playground? Many in this world sadly assign “play” to the realm of children, thinking that having fun is something you grow out of. They trade frolicking, cavorting and revelry for “too-cool-for-school” attitudes and the false belief that seriousness breed success. Playtime is usurped by more “important” matters.

But don’t be a fool: play is very, very important in life. Play is how we connect with the “flow,” the inspiring and imaginative energy that rushes out a writer’s fingertips, that drips off an artist’s paintbrush, that pings into the air from a musician’s strum. By playing, you are allowing yourself to be free from all rules and expectations and roles and systems and “should”s. Play makes you free.

So, what do you do for fun?

If you are not dancing and singing and laughing your way through life, my friends, then you are doing something wrong. But take heart- it is never too late to start living right! Trade your furrowed brow for a clown nose, switch the treadmill for a dance floor, find the music that makes your soul sing and then share the treasures you have found with friends and strangers alike.

And if you need inspiration, look up- because swinging down from the moon with outstretched arms is Lucent Dossier. Experience them at Coachella, where they will be performing all three days. And for the love of the sacred playground, come to The Do Lab’s festival Lightning in a Bottle May 27-30, 2011 and join in the celebration of creation like the artist you are. Don’t forget to bring your clown nose and an extra layer of glitter.

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Photo credits:

  1. Group on stairs – Aaron Gautschi
  2. Lisa in back bend – Aaron Gautschi
  3. Girls around the table – Roger Fojas
  4. Girls peeking over bed frame – Aaron Gautschi
  5. Dream in feathered head dress – Kristen Woo
  6. Lisa in water – Sebastian Artz
  7. Alicia on the moon – unknown, if this is your photo, please let us know!

5 Responses to “Lucent Dossier Experience Brings the Sacred Playground to Coachella”

  1. It’s always soooo much fun!!!

  2. i cannot wait to see this troupe!

  3. Yay!! Thank you for such beautiful and heartfelt words! Thank you!

  4. lttlskttl Says:

    Love this blog!! You hit it right on the clown nose! Sounds incredible!

  5. These guys always put on a spectacular show like nothing you’ve ever seen!

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