Daedelus, Pantyraid, Two Fresh & Stephan Jacobs @ Avalon April 30


Daedelus & Pantyraid at Avalon? They are gonna rip the shiny shirts off that place!

Avalon gets crazy, absolutely crazy. I have seen vag before on the dance floor- I shit you not– and Two Fresh is on the lineup as well- a little nasty ghettotech is all we need to send the night over the edge. And I am pretty sure at one point Myspace closed Pantyraid’s profile because they thought it was porn.

Myspace is a fucking wasteland, but they were right. It’s audio porn. This shit is gonna be HOT.

Despite Avalon perplexedly winning awards on various websites for best atmosphere & vibe (???????) , I am not the biggest fan of the crowd that packs the giant dance floor under the exquisite sound system. The venue itself is awesome, but I don’t really like getting molested several times during the evening by the testosterone-driven posterboys for “Hard Up.”

But for Daedelus and Pantyraid, I’ll put my ass on the line. I mean hell, Pantyraid’s already audio fondling my girlfriend.

Stephan Jacobs will also be performing; check out his multi-genre set from The Do Lab Stage at Coachella 2010 here.

My dear LA bass freaks- you KNOW this is going to be a great show. If you come out to Avalon even once a year, this should be the night.

Pantyraid @ King King March 4 2010

2 Responses to “Daedelus, Pantyraid, Two Fresh & Stephan Jacobs @ Avalon April 30”

  1. Nice article but I believe this is scheduled for April 30, not April 24. 😉

    • dancefever5000 Says:

      Eh…my bad! It’s the APRIL 30 PEOPLE not the 24th… too many parties to keep track of LOL.

      Geez and the crowds at Avalon on Friday are even worse than Saturday…ladies hold on to your asses.

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