SPLATINUM: Nicoluminous Remix of “Ain’t No Fool” (EXCLUSIVE FREE DOWNLOAD)

My super-freaky friends SPLATINUM (aka Andrew Luck and Dosadi) from Seattle have been banging out some of the best funk-whomp nastiness this side of mindfucking mania-bass. I really like SPLATINUM, not only for their steazy tracks like “Pumping Quarters” but because they are doing things THEIR way, from a busted renegade bike rave to the free Intergalactic Masquerade Dance Party album release celebration taking place – when else? – 4/20, in a public park right in the middle of downtown Seattle. Still don’t know how they managed that one.

Don’t sleep on their new music coming out on the Holy Day 4/20, including WE ARE SPLATINUM, a 9 track digital release and Der Schplatzl 2010, a 16 track compact disc (7 tracks are unavailable digitally); both drop on Daly City Records.


Even better, they are showing the online underground some love by giving away exclusive remixes from their forthcoming album WE ARE SPLATINUM to numb-fingered bass music bloggers around the globe- so keep your eyes open for more of these exclusive remixes to pop up around teh interwebs, including a sweet one by Mochipet on XLR8R.

THIS was my favorite track out of the remixes, it’s by a Pacific Northwest producer named Nicoluminous who will soon be moving to LA, a smart decision for anyone who wants to splash down in the most exciting electronic music scene in the world right now and rub it in real good all over:

From Splatinum:

On the remixing artist: Nicoluminous is currently in transit from Portland to Los Angeles.  He is an accomplished vocalist, beat boxer and multi-talented improvisational musician.  Drums, keys, bass, whatever.  His first album “Unstoppable” even featured a track with legend KRS-One.  His sophomore effort is slated for later this year, titled “Meet the Beatwagon Boy” and coined from his portable sound system rig that he rocks at Burning Man and other key festivals.  In this remix, Nico nods to the bass music side of things, something you can expect more of with another release set for Street Ritual recordings later this year.  This guy is killing it – and has an undeniable connection and ability to rock any crowd from 15 to 1500.  Seriously, undeniable and full of love.

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Splatinum in Space:


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