Passion of the Weiss Presents: The Knux, Nocando, Shadowboxers & The Holloys 4/9

Passion of the Weiss is one of my favorite LA music blogs and is taking over Spaceland in Silver Lake this Friday night to showcase several fat local talents of different- way different- genres, hoping to reflect more truly the music lover’s palate. No one eats 100% sweet rap or salty IDM or deliciously sour rock and roll; people like many types of music, and Passion of the Weiss presents wants to give you a plate overflowing with a balanced diet of beats.

From Passion of the Weiss:

Once upon a time not long ago when people wore fedoras and lived life slow, I was at Spaceland and wondering why I had to watch four consecutive boring guitar bands trying to sound like Pavement. I wondered why I couldn’t create a night that was different from every other night: one where rappers played with rock groups and funk groups and DJ’s, and everyone would recline, eat unleavened bread and smoke unleavened weed.

Hence, the idea for Passion of the Weiss Presents was born. This is the first show in what I hope will be a long running series. I’ve enlisted some of my favorite musicians to perform, I’ve obtained several penguins who will demonstrate various jerkin’ dance moves, and I’ve even wrangled someone who will make cotton candy sculptures in the shape of Nancy Pelosi’s Head. It will be better than universal healthcare. Consider it the sonic equivalent of finding the afikomen. Good times had by all. And if you don’t have a good time, I will purchase you enough whiskey and “forget me nows” to make you believe otherwise.

Passion of the Weiss presents The Knux, Nocando, Shadowboxers and The Holloys this Friday night at Spaceland for $8 and in addition to the wide variety of music will have “llama rides, an extraterrestrial petting zoo, and free giveaways of Pit Bull Hoverboards.”

Sweet! We can take our hoverboards to the dog park afterward!


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