New Label Bakes the Bass: Woofer Cookers

If you like your woofer cooked like I do- well done, shuddering and baking in bass, knocking shit off your walls, grabbing you by the brain and humping your eardrums- then put this new West Coast label out of Vancouver on your list of ish.

Woofer Cookers is helmed by the righteous folk over on It is a brand new nonprofit label run by artists/for artists that showcases original bass music with all proceeds going 100% to the artist or creating entity.

Check out these preview clips from some of the Woofer Cooker gang, all glitch hop bangers that are 100% certified and licensed to fill your belly with beats until you have to undo that buckle and put your hand down your pants. If you like the clips, then buy the tracks and play them at 140 decibels for eight and a half hours. Check for doneness before you ingest; if it’s smoking and tastes like whomp- you’ve done something right.

Glitchy & Scratchy:

8-Bit Glitch


Sin City feat. Ozzius Atreides

Jay Wikid:


Woofer Cookers website

Glitch Hop Forum


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