WAR OF THE ROSES Teknowledge 3 Year Anniversary- Saturday April 10

The best crowd is a diverse crowd, and the most entertaining parties are the ones that attract a wide variety of people from different communities, which is exactly what War of the Roses will do.

Going down Saturday, April 10 at Lot 613, the Teknowledge 3 Year Anniversary and 2010 Reunion of the Funky Tekno Tribe will bring out beat freaks of every persuasion from the neohippies to the house heads and the ravers to the techno freaks with its diverse lineup of talented DJs, artists and performers.

Big name heavy-hitters like Donald Glaude and DJ Dan will capture the party crowd looking for a wild night, and lesser known rock stars who have abducted my heart long ago will slide out of the underground to go to war with beats of peace. You say the names Mimosa and ill gates, and I am at your fucking party!

Donald Glaude @ The Clevelander, WMC 2010

DJ Dan & Donald Glaude will be sharing the stage together with no time slots and no limits. The day I arrived Miami last week, I randomly walked into a party at the Clevelander with no badge, ID or nothin’ and who the hell is onstage but Seattle’s Donald Glaude! Rolling thick to the front of his dance floor with my crew from the 206 was the perfect way to kick off WMC 2010!

Jeno, Barry Weaver and Hector Cardenas complete the Funky Tekno Tribe and bass heads will be further pleased by Kether, Jupit3r, Jason Blakemore, Eva, Patricio, Oscure & Chadrock.

This celebration of West Coast Sound also includes stage decor and art installations by a collaborative team of artists from The Do Lab and Space Island, an art gallery, custom screen-printed tee shirts and a clothing and art bazaar. Curious Josh will be on hand for photos and you won’t be able to miss the live painting of a 20′ mural (to be auctioned off silently later in the night) by four of LA’s top visionary artists: Mear One, Michael Pukac, Hans Halveron and John Park.

Buy your presale tickets here and for all the details check out the Facebook event page.

One Response to “WAR OF THE ROSES Teknowledge 3 Year Anniversary- Saturday April 10”

  1. OMG -this party looks so good……!

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