SMOG Scion CD Sampler V.30 – Free Download

TRACK DESCRIPTIONS (by DF5K)Los Angeles ‘ dubstep king 12th Planet starts the album off with stomach-dropping bass laid against jumpy beats and the disembodied voice of Juakali. “Reasons” shakes and scares and rattles off sounds from a Euro-Caribbean island on an alien planet. The beats belie the vocals to create a creepy and disjointed feeling.Dustmite brings out the growling, grinding saw blades for this one, pulling the beats along and injecting them with up-and-down bass. Hopping from one sound to the next like a metal grasshopper on a plank of wobble, the track drops down low and then stretches up again, bearing a slight smile of threat hidden inside its shadows.Beginning with a light dusting of d&b and then falling headfirst into dubstep, this well-designed track circles around the sound, winding up high and heavy like a helicopter made of bricks. Through a juicy atmosphere “Teflon” moves forward thoughtfully along a pulverizing course of deep-bellied bass.Showing the softer side of one of LA’s most ferocious underground MCs, this dub-influenced ode to the city ponders beauty through guitar strums and an easy, fluid tone. Poetic and peaceful, yet standing firm and proud, “City of Cars” is a chilled out wander-land, a shared invitation to come along for the ride.With an industrial intro like a factory about to explode, the dark and ominous “Out of Breath” is an unrelenting monster – hotly panting as it chases down the sound with wobbly knees, screwy squeaks and a shake of bells. The bass has its way with the track, not only driving the melody, but then speeding it off the cliff entirely, combusting the brain and capsizing the beat.UK bad man Doctor P grinds up “Reasons” into a slaphappy banger with impatient rhythms and a cocksure delivery. Fast and futurized, this next-classic dance floor favorite jumps and skids without losing any of its complexity, using drum & bass build-ups to lather the listener into a frenzy.Opened wide and filled with intrigue – like an empty warehouse harboring a lunatic – Distance’s remix of “Game Over” trudges towards steel doors with a contentious tremble to its old school style. Slower and defiantly deliberate, this dank remix has heavy brows and a slight but sinister threat on its lips.Another modern banger, here Excision and Datsik do what they do best: crunching beats together to create a musical experience that’s as hard as the song’s namesake body armor. Biding its time with breathers placed between multi-dimensional groove breaks, this fierce track knocks gears out of joint and likes to play with matches.Smooth-stepped and almost lullabyish, Von D’s remix is a glossier version of this heartfelt song, perfectly off-kilter like a boat on the waves. Inside the track drums rattle aimlessly from an easy ocean breeze, while the sure and certain bassline pulls the beat along until it floats away, taking the listener with it.Starting off weird and only getting better, this disgruntled remix crawls and creeps like a mutated ogre before it falls off the edge of the Earth with an electro rush of booming beats. Using magic fingers of glitch, Bird Peterson creates a unique expression of hypnotic sounds that smack the track around with the force of a tractor beam, all while staying on solid ground.


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  1. Much love on this one!
    Smog… amazing… for FREE??? Wahhhaaaattt?


  3. gazm gasm Says:

    gazm was here

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