OFF TO MIAMI! DF5K’s Survival Tools for WMC 2010


I am packed and ready to dance upon the sacred playground in Miami! When I’m stopped at LAX for a “random search” yet again, the TSA will get to rifle through the following items in my bag:

  • Mullet
  • Water wings
  • Inflatable frog
  • Purple plastic fanny pack
  • Jar of 100 earplugs
  • Mentos
  • One bag of jellybeans, crème-filled Hershey’s kisses & chocolate-covered malted eggs
  • One bag of Twizzlers
  • One more bag of assorted candy bars and chocolates
  • Approximately one shit ton of Emergen-C
  • Seven bikinis
  • Hundreds and hundreds of flyers
  • Drew Best’s prescription glow-in-the-dark raver glasses
  • Rainbow hologram glasses
  • Package of glow bracelets (HEY I’M GOING TO ULTRA BOTH DAYS OKAY?!?)
  • Three-season sleeping bag – because you just never fucking know

…and a bag of chips

One Response to “OFF TO MIAMI! DF5K’s Survival Tools for WMC 2010”

  1. MUsicalfunky818 Says:

    haahahahahaha sounds like a fun adventure to me…

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