Marty Party Rules the World

In case you missed it, Marty Party rules the fucking world.

That’s right; instead of this bullshit economic meltdown and crap-ass earthquake drama, we will take to the seas of blisterfucked bass in ships with sails of synths! Guided by our kind Captain of Crunk we will fly over mountain ranges of beats until we crash into the oblivion of our own minds- and then BEG to do it over and over again.

And I am not alone on this ship, my friends, for although there are many names on many lips that flap about the streets of LA and the online underground, Marty Party is one that I have been hearing a whole hell of a lot lately. This is the good shit, people. Take a big hit, and hold it in.

Marty Party’s remix of “Cricket” on RD’s Cricket EP Remixes (released this week) is my personal favorite in this tight cluster of top-notch tracks. His own productions bring a unique perspective and rich authenticity to the lower end, he is a ball to hear and watch perform alone or as part of Pantyraid with OOah, and for the love of god, his chosen last name is PARTY. Shake on the swagger already; hear the music and feel the loveAnd dance.

Find heaps of good music on Marty Party’s SoundCloud page; right now I am loving his Sufjan Stevens Remix.

Marty Party plays Filthy Apple April 3 in NYC along with Ana Sia– yet one more sign that West Coast Sound is taking this whole motherfucking world OVER.

5 Responses to “Marty Party Rules the World”

  1. and thank you so much for puttin marty out there… another ridic producer that i can’t get enough of. i’m even making the trip to LA to catch pantyraid on my bday of all dates for them to play! can’t wait…

  2. pandamonium Says:

    ashla you should go to new york on april 3rd.

  3. ahhh this party is gonna be nuts

  4. astrogirl Says:

    Great post! Seems like ya’ll are catching on! I loves me some Marty! NY… you best be coming out in force. Marty AND Ana? now THAT’s a treat. Ana’s been on FIRE… I’ve seen her play quite a bit- but she played recently in PDX… and just killed it so hard it- we were all looking at each other like WTF?? Of course the PantyRaid show in PDX was off the charts. Much love! Don’t forget about LIB!!

  5. dr dread Says:

    EVERYONE OUT THERE: patchwork NYC is my little brothers crew and they are some crunkie kids who really get down. everyone make it to NYC april 3 for the biggest crazzies headiest get down the east coast has ever seen!

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