NEW Bassnectar Album: TIMESTRETCH

Hey ho party people listen up:

Bassnectar has decided to release his latest EP Timestretch a week early and that means it is available NOW on

The nine-track EP is a powerful burst of bangers that dance floors will lap up like demented kittens. Timestretch features remixes by SPL, MRK1, Jantsen and ill gates, and right now I am just LOVING SPL’s remix of Bass Head. It makes me feel like I am swimming in a pool filled with sound stew, so thick with grime that it’s almost gelatinous. Come on in, the water’s filthy.

The music is available any way you like it and you can buy it via digital download, CD, limited release vinyl, or with a tee-shirt and stickers:


For a free taste of the nectar hit up Bassnectar’s SoundCloud Page where you can download a mashup of the track “Timestretch” and Nelly Furtado’s classic “Turn Out the Lights.”

BASSNECTAR performs ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL in Miami this weekend:

  • Friday 8PM @ Root Society Dome
  • Saturday 9PM @ Biscayne Stage

10/1/09 – Granada Theatre – Dallas Credit: Bill Ellison Photography

One Response to “NEW Bassnectar Album: TIMESTRETCH”

  1. bassnectar is a genuis seen them fisrt time at allgood 2010 loved it!!!!

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