1. Deru – needs to play out every week in LA at LEAST once, preferably more. He recently released the album Say Goodbye to Useless on Mush Records and goes on tour in April with Free the Robots and the Glitch Mob.
  2. MARTY PARTY rules the world, pretty much. Please move to the West Coast and start playing out every week as well.
  3. RD – The Cricket EP Remixes are out Tuesday 3/23 on Addictech exclusively; these four tracks just saved my fucking morning. Highly recommended.
  4. Richard Devine delighted the crowd at Droid Behavior last Saturday, intense beats brought to life by a focused master.
  5. Splatinum – I’m so stoked for the 4/20 release of the album Der Schplatzl on Daly City Records from these Seattle producers. I heard that their bike rave got busted and was laughing about it until I saw this video, recognized all my friends, and now I am laughing about it even more:
  6. Psymbionic – Beeotch is at SXSW right NOW and has been since I started writing this post last week; his Fozzie Bear Crunkadelic Mixtape travels the gilded sinewaves into my ears much like a fluffernutter sandwich on magic carpet adventure.
  7. Von D – Just HUSH yo mouth and put some dubstep innit.
  8. Ras G – The time traveler extraordinaire took us on an Afrikan Space Voyage last Wednesday night at Low End Theory waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaBOOM! Back on the planet! Welcome home to the dance floor from your head trip, how was the weather? His music uses waves of 9-D texture to engage some uncharted cavern in your brain, dangling your thoughts off the side of a ledge. A grape blunt is lit, inciting someone to scream “WEST COAST!!!” and we zoom off again to further reaches yet unknown.
  9. Dubble Penetration – my couch-throwing homies from Bellingham, Washington have a new mix up on SoundCloud called Just the tip. Dirty boys and grimy girls should have a listen or two- actually, just make it a dubble.
  10. Gaslamp Killer – Me: Are you gonna play some techno tonight?!? Him: I ALREADY DID! Me: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Much to my dismay I had missed the “OLDSCHOOLTECHNORAGGAJUNGLERAVETILLDAWN LOS ANGELES VINYL SET BY GLK TAKIN IT BACK TO 89′ WHEN I WAS 8!” Luckily for me however, Gaslamp threw the techno lovers a few more beats later on that night during his second set, all the while thrilling the crowd with his manic energy that bursts out of his hands and into his music. All hail our resident freak; Low End loves you baby!

Pics from Gaslamp’s recent tour down under to Australia & New Zealand.

5 Responses to “10 DJS I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS WEEK”


  2. Much love for the spot on the list! See you in Miami!

  3. plus plus on the new diz remixes!

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