DROID BEHAVIOR presents Jimmy Edgar & Richard Devine Sat. Mar 13

There is one party in LA that I know I can go to and dance all night to dark throbbing music with my eyes closed, laughter falling out of my mouth, cheap beer in hand, friends all around, coming back to reality early in the morning refilled with spirit and once again ready to take on this madness we call life:


I love many types of music and go to all kinds of events, but there is no place you can dance it all out like Droid. This month’s edition features headliners from respected lable legend Warp. Jimmy Edgar brings his sultry, soulful beats from Detroit and Richard Devine will be laying down a special techno & acid set.

Droid Behavior goes down this Saturday March 13 at TS2, an intimate and legal venue that has been growing in popularity recently as the coppers seem to be clamping down on unlicensed shows as of late. Mike Gervais and Ed Isar round out the lineup, visuals will be provided by Cell and the party goes from 9 to 4.

Don’t forget to wear your party socks, and I will see you on the dance floor!

3 Responses to “DROID BEHAVIOR presents Jimmy Edgar & Richard Devine Sat. Mar 13”

  1. PARTY SOCKS!!!!

  2. musicalfunk818 Says:

    tooooo bad its 21+ for me. 😦

  3. jimmy edgar hot

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