Los Angeles Weekend Forecast: SMOG

SMOG is back! Busy with plans for a MASSIVE PARTY in Miami during Winter Music Conference, the Smog crew takes a break to bring us a heady lineup of dubstep superstars.

Shackleton makes frothy-rich dubstep that techno freaks don’t even talk shit about. This is his LA debut and I am friggin’ STOKED! And forget the disease- come to catch Vaccine, the elusive Mistress of Dubstep from San Diego, in a rare live performance- what a treat! Rounding out the lineup: Deco and Smog homies DLX and MC Kemst.

Time slots:

10-1045 DECO
1045-1130 DLX
1130-1230 VACCINE

The shit goes down at legal venue TS2 @ 4568 Melrose Avenue; space is limited and the cover goes up at 11PM- so get there early and savor the flavor of darkness all night long. See you on the dance floor!


5 Responses to “Los Angeles Weekend Forecast: SMOG”

  1. We love Shilo. We love SMOG. We love it all. It’s gonna be an amazing weekend! Get your ear plugs and dancing shoes ready LA!

  2. cant wait to get my shackle on. really i just cant wait to say SHACKLETON on the dancefloor.

  3. musicalfunky818 Says:

    man this sucks! i wish i was 21 already…….. do they check id or what?

  4. musicalfunky818 Says:

    I hate 21 + events đŸ˜¦

    do they check id?

    • dancefever5000 Says:

      Yes, yes they do. It sucks being a minor; we were all there once! Come to Low End Theory sometime on Wednesdays- it is always 18+

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