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SO, I quit writing these ’10 DJs’ posts because I thought the only people who read them were DJs checking to see if they were on the list. However- since then, several people have told me that they have found out about artists they love this way, so the post is back! Lots of links here, so check them out!

  1. JonWayne – LEARN YO’SELF FOOL: the next big thing is right here. He played out for the first time last night at Low End Theory and blew everyone’s fucking minds!
  2. Free the Robots – releasing his album March 30!
  3. ill gates – been loving his mix from Jungo Road, be sure to listen at the end for the surprise ‘Imagine’ chop-up
  4. Die Antwoord – weird ass video
  5. Tokimonsta – playing at Brainfeeder London next week. I dreamt of being there last night.
  6. St Andrew – catch him next Thursday @ I AM A LASER
  7. TakeAlpha Pup‘s newest artist. Destroyed the crowd yesterday at Low End.
  8. Mono/Poly – another member of the all-star lineup last night! SUPER sticky beats. Love him.
  9. Sugarpill – excellent set his Glitch.FM show yesterday evening
  10. Mimosa – For the love of bass and all else that is holy in this universe, LISTEN TO THIS MIX.

4 Responses to “10 DJS I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS WEEK”

  1. Nate Newlun Says:

    Hey not sure if I’ve seen you say anything about Nasty Nasty but if you haven’t checked him out yet, do it! Saw him a lil under a month ago w/ Sexytime. He’s dope!

  2. I love your top 10s with mix links. Keep them coming.

    chris null

  3. Saw Mimosa with the Pnuma Trio for new years, what a party that was! Wondering if Sugarpill plans on playing Minneapolis anytime soon? Keep up the good work and fresh beats.

  4. […] None 10 DJS I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS WEEK: Shared by Sugarpill ive been liking this list for a while now, but this week is particularly […]

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