WIN TICKETS to see Solvent, Michna & Kether @ The Do Lab on Thursday!

The Do Lab rolls back into Hollywood and takes it over again this Thursday night at the King King with Solvent, Michna & local freaks Kether.

It should be an interesting mix of music for the night; Solvent and Michna both hail from Ghostly International but with very different sounds and styles. Solvent is “at the forefront of electro-pop’s return to form” and his quirky tracks are sincere without being simple, displaying none of the clash and more of a melodic feel, sweeping across the front of the brain like a cool washcloth.

Michna‘s flavor is groovy and more bass-centered with an old-school slap coming in right when you need it, music with a hip-hop backbone that served him well on his last world tour to seven continents.

And from Muti Music, Space Island and Venice Beach comes Kether, one of my LA favorites that I am always excited to see on a lineup. Spanning several genres from IDM to breaks to dubstep and glitch, this duo delivers clean, organic sets of live electronics. Their sound is wrapped in the colorful strands of a crazy dream, woven through with melody arrangements written in specific notes to stimulate certain energy chakras in the body.

I am pretty sure there are no chakras in the feet, but expect yours to be stimulated, motivated and activated this Thursday night. The Do Lab’s events have sold out in the past, so buy your tickets here in advance, and for the Facebook event page with bios and more information, please click here.

OR try and WIN A PAIR OF TICKETS by posting your answer to this question in the comment section below. The winner will be notified on Wednesday:

Which artist are you most excited to hear at The Do Lab show on Thursday night, and why?

8 Responses to “WIN TICKETS to see Solvent, Michna & Kether @ The Do Lab on Thursday!”

  1. Michna! I love everything he plays!

  2. Kether because they killed at the Tipper show and I wan to hear them again.

  3. Solvent! because Solvent has low boiling point and evaporates easily.

  4. Honestly, Michna’s music relates to my cooking style. Take a bunch of high quality items/beats, prep them, and arrange them in a way that makes you nod. Then spice it up wth some REAL spice (real musical instruments). No prepackaged spice or intrumental can match (Even though i don’t assume youre gonna have the whole Paw there). Now to wheter he’d agree with me on his production teqniques, all i can say is that although you never ask whats in a sausage, in his case I’d bet you could chow down on each loop.

  5. Soletherchna! Because the combination is going to be a journey 🙂

  6. haha – i think Matthew should win

  7. def excited to see michna. ive been stoked to see him since the first time i heard/saw thriple chrome dipped, which was about a year ago. i remember that day i played the music video 10+ times straight, over and over, just vibin out. a couple months ago i thought i was gunna actually be able to see him for the first time at the standard in downtown. but alas while i was down there i got called away on business, just in time for me to miss his set :/

  8. Whoa! I have never seen Michna live and definitely need to! The visuals as seen online are kickin’ and looks like a “YO MAMA SNAP” in the face to all the others in his game! I wanna get tripple chrome dipped! Love the horn action and the siiiiick ass bass beats! Gettin’ Funky on that shit!

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