The Do LaB presents DERU, Jupit3r & Beats Antique @ King King 10/22

Every time I see Deru out and about on the streets of LA, I harass him about when he is playing out next in our fair city of freaks. Well it’s my lucky week because not only did Deru play at Droid Part 1 this past Saturday before the coppers shut the shit down, but he is playing AGAIN at The Do Lab’s show @ King King in Hollywood this Thursday October 22.

Not only that, but Deru is joined by JUPIT3R who tends to kill as well as Beats Antique. Like every show The Do Lab puts on, you can count on plenty of chewy atmosphere, and a colorful crowd.

Click here for the Facebook event page.

Click here to buy tickets.

More about Deru, one of my favorites:

Deru is Benjamin Wynn, an electronic music producer from Los Angeles whose fusion of IDM, hip-hop and emotronica pushes open boundaries inside the listener’s mind to create a greater space for his richly textured sound to evolve and room for the future of electronic music to arrive.

Now busy composing music for television, film, dance and performance art, Deru began producing in high school and later obtained a degree in music technology from CalArts. As co-owner of the music and sound company “The Track Team” he recently received an MPSE Golden Reel award nomination for best sound design in 2009 for work on Avatar: The Last Airbender. Further highlighting Deru’s versatility and creative range is his collaboration with classical composer Joby Talbot on a dance score for the Paris Opera Ballet, which like much of this talented producer’s work embodies a seamless and soulful synergy and displays a wide array of musical influences.

Deru’s music is the story of an ancient worship service under star-filled skies which you wake from only to realize you have left the planet; his chilling sounds are akin to robots confessing feelings of love, of an artificial factory gurgling and spurting beneath a grey ocean of space, of a haunted heart that can only sketch an idea of emotion, slick with the goo of a disturbed magnetism.

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