Of Porcelain: Where to Buy

After I writing up Of Porcelain in this blog post, I received a huge number of emails from readers asking where they could buy OOah‘s downtempo, spaced-out music that screams “I love the moon” through its sliced-up dreamy goodness.

Buy Of Porcelain on SnoCap here.

Of Porcelain is intensely emotive, the beautiful beats wrapping around you with a rich warmth and depth found only in the open ocean and open eyes. Slightly reminiscent of edIT’s Crying Over Pros for No Reason, the sounds Of Porcelain pull your heart up out of your chest and into your brain, where the tears of lost lovers still pool in the darkness, where the breath of lonely mornings meet the open skies, where starlight falls on forgotten whispers.

This is the music for hopeless romantics, made in the City of Angels by a renegade poet. My fickle soul falls in love with music on a daily basis; maybe my heart is made Of Porcelain too. Stop and listen.”

It’s perfect music to sooth your heart, just in case you dumped with your girlfriend this weekend to be footloose and fancy free, but now it’s a lame rainy weeknight and you are feeling sad and lonely…


2 Responses to “Of Porcelain: Where to Buy”

  1. Crying Over Pros for No Reason was THEE best set of the weekend at Symbiosis. Thanks for posting this i have been looking to where to buy some of these sounds since then. Oh and it was fabulous seeing you in Seattle last weekend, even if it was just for a moment.

  2. The Snocap shopping experience is just terrible. I have tried to buy this album on 4 separate occasions (most recently just a minute ago) and each time I have been thwarted by a different error. Is it just me, or is it not working for other people as well?

    PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF DOG PUT THIS ALBUM THIS ON BANDCAMP. It is such a better shopping experience. Until then, I remain Of Porcelain-less.

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