Gaslamp Killer @ Decibel in the Park 9/27

Gaslamp Killer won Seattle over with his crazy and energetic performance at Decibel in the Park this past Sunday. The weather was perfect, the crowd was living it up despite three solid days of partying, and Gaslamp ignited the afternoon with choice track selections, mad mixing skills and plenty of wild screaming. Gaslamp- you have a new fan base in the Pacific Northwest!

Video by Tap Tap.

8 Responses to “Gaslamp Killer @ Decibel in the Park 9/27”

  1. So bummed I missed this!!!

  2. dancefever5000 Says:

    And you can hear Pressha laughing the whole way through the video!

  3. That was an awesome show and good footage of all the peeps.

  4. agreed tommy, all beside the fact that I’m on stage shoot photos 🙂

  5. Sorry Shilo, I have to disagree with you for once! I missed Kilowatts, sadly, which I heard was amazing flowy whompness, but I did not like GasLamp Killer *at all* and from my POV it looked like the crowd wasn’t that into him either. I had at least 10 people tell me they didn’t like it, and I noticed a lot of ppl standing around with arms folded and just kinda waiting, or *trying* to get into a groove – and that was the whole problem for me. He didn’t let anything flow long enough for people to get into it!

    I understand that he would likely reply “Well that’s my mo-F-ing style you mad crazy mofo Seattle mofos”, but *this mofo* doesn’t want to be screamed at while the mofo DJ is chopping up the mofo cuts every 10 mofo seconds… maybe if I had ADD i would have enjoyed it — but I was not feelin’ it AT ALL. From my perspective, the only thing he was “killin” was the flowy dancey park vibe that I think people wanted to hear. The angry glitch sound wears on me too after a short time – it makes me feel like he’s going to bust into a rhyme about popping a cap in someone’s dome.

    In summary, I think GasLamp is a talented artist who played the set and style he prepped and planned on, BUT he should have read the crowd more and realized people weren’t vibing as much and changed it up. That’s part of what it takes to be a truly exceptional DJ.

    ~ Ev (= old & jaded?)

    • dancefever5000 Says:

      Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Ev.

      And yeah if you were looking for flowy, dreamy sound, Gaslamp is not quite up your alley!

      I think people seemed to be split on Gaslamp, they either loved him or not! But from the video you can tell he has made his fair share of fans in Seattle, and I sure he will be welcomed back with open arms and screaming mouths!

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