I Am Going to Burning Man

So the universe has provided and it appears that DF5K will be heading to the Playa for the first time ever this year! I am very excited to experience the art and music gathering that so many people in the international electronic music community base such a large portion of their lives around! I am also really looking forward to see if the event is as insanely hard-core as so many people tell me it is; I am being urged to prepare like I am traversing a long-lost desert planet for the next eight months or something.

I am super stoked and will report back, dear readers!


5 Responses to “I Am Going to Burning Man”

  1. awesome!

  2. awesome! the real difficulty is not not sleeping in the dust for a week, it’s figuring out where to be when.

    here is one pretty comprehensive attempt at a consolidated schedule of electronic music events:


  3. Holy crap thanks for that link monty, this will give me some idea of where else to go besides spending all week at 2nd & Chaos.

    • Whoa! Haven’t looked at the Google Reader in months and just saw this. Right on!

      Word Monty – Rockstar Librarian Kate’s list is the shiznit! (Its a great thing to gift to people too – print out a few extras and bring em with you)

      Pleasure Sean has a great write up of recommended dance events here: http://bm.tribe.net/thread/695af62b-61eb-4af9-a5b0-712e611bc488

      I’ve been posting most of the Sound Camp’s flyers to my blog here if anyone wants to see the artwork and stuff, but Kate’s list is much more comprehensive. This is part 1 of 4: http://earplugsarethenewcondoms.wordpress.com/2009/08/22/burning-man-2009-big-sound-camp-lineups-part-1-opulent-temple-and-root-society/

      Holy shit the music is so good this year! All I can say is that big sound camps are great, but I think the best parties are the deep playa art car parties. Highly recommend are the Space Cowboys at the Rocketship, Temple of Breaks on Wed night, and make sure you find the Robot Heart art car, as its system is BANGING! Thursday night, Freq Nasty on Dex, the Disorient art car should be insane.

      Also, for a change of pace, check out the mashup party Bootie on thursday and friday. Plus, if you’re jonesing for hip hop, there will be live hip hop every night at the Freestyle Palace, 9:00 and Portal.

      The man burns in 9 days!

  4. There’s about 40 people i know heading over from Ireland ! If you see em, HOLLA at them for me !!!!

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