Help Produce a Video for Dub Artist Juakali on Kickstarter

Juakali performs in the Czech is an online funding platform for artists, musicians, designers, filmmakers, journalists, inventors and explorers. You create a project and then people from around the world have an opportunity to support you; in return the backers get rewards like a mention on a CD or a vinyl album and of course, that warm and fuzzy feeling that comes from knowing you are promoting someone who is making this world more beautiful.

Check out the project by MC Juakali, host of NYC’s Dubwar, the first dubstep night in the US and the biggest one on the East Coast. He is one of the premier lyrical stylists in the international underground electronic arts community and is looking for help to create a video for Dem City, a track from his second featured EP, Come From Yard. Pledge to support Juakali by October 4 and you can receive a copy of his first 12″ vinyl, mention in the video credits of Dem City, or your identity artfully crafted into the new video itself!

Kickstarter is a sweet platform to connect artists with those who want to support them. Check it out, and consider becoming a backer of Juakali.

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