BWOMP presents FILL IN THE BASS w/An-ten-nae, Odeed vs. Oscure, Eva & more

In LA you’ve got huge dubstep crews, gangs of house heads, whole posses of techno freaks and armies of drum and bass fanatics. But I was surprised when I moved here to find out there is no real community around the type of music that I love the most, which can best be described as bass music.

what is that crunching sound?That is about to change, thanks to the creation of BWOMP: Bass WithOut Musical Preference.

At BWOMP parties you will hear a lot of glitch hop and dubstep, as well as breaks, drum and bass, hip hop, 2-step, midtempo, IDM, skweee, UK funky, sklitch core step, death metal step funk, muffin step, crunk flip, chewysteaze, ho hop, drum and face, fuckstep, slicktempo, as well as emerging bass-centric genres yet to be named. ESPECIALLY those yet to be named.

And yeah I just made a bunch of those genres up; to make it a bit easier on yourself, just call it: crunkedouthyphyfunkadelicpsybrokenwhomphopmusicforbasssluts.

Our first monthly called Fill in the Bass is 18+ and takes place Friday August 21 in a TBA downtown LA venue with sweet graffiti art all over the walls. The alcohol will be cheap, the art will be live, and cover is $10 before 11PM and $15 after.

Check this lineup:

  • An-ten-nae
  • Oscure vs. Odeed (Live on 4 Decks!)
  • Kid Logic
  • JViz
  • Eva vs. DJ 007
  • EV-1 vs. Frenetic
  • Sati
  • Headsett

For directions on the night of the event, check back here or on BwompBeats the night of the event; you can also call 310-933-1451 and the Facebook listing is here. I hope to see you all there on the dance floor!

2 Responses to “BWOMP presents FILL IN THE BASS w/An-ten-nae, Odeed vs. Oscure, Eva & more”


  2. it good to know there is real community of bass slut whompers in LA!

    btw BWOMP reminds me of nwtekno before it was nwtekno :0

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