DECIBEL FESTIVAL Early Bird Passes $100 through July 31

You’re about to start hearing a lot about the Decibel Festival of Electronic Music, Visual Arts and New Media from DF5K. Mark your calendars! 


The 6th Annual Decibel Festival in Seattle is a unique city festival held in the clubs, bars and parks of  Capitol Hill. The best way to experience the music is with a festival pass, which allows you to bounce in and out of different clubs around the neighborhood and check out unknown artists as well as all your favorite headliners.

Last year Seattle did it PROPER (as many of you well know) and both the local electronic music community and visiting artists from around the world were blown away by the amazing parties, eclectic and powerful music, audience response and mad idea soup swirling around the rainy city that weekend.

I can’t wait!

EARLY BIRD PASSES ARE ON SALE UNTIL JULY 31! The price now is $100 for an all-access pass; after July they are $150. Seattle YOU KNOW YOU are going to Decibel; be smart and buy a pass now so you can save $50! These links are pretty hot:


Check the preliminary LINEUP

Get more Decibel INFO

Listen to the 2009 Youtube Decibel PLAYLIST

dbintheparkAre you ready for Decibel Festival?

Photo by Ev


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