Temporal Fusion Podcast

Hello bass freaks! Hey I want to make sure everybody out there knows about the Temporal Fusion Podcast out of Denver featuring dubstep, drum and bass, hip hop and glitch music. Click through the link or subscribe in iTunes. You know the drill.

The bass music coming out of the Denver area right now is top-notch and extra dirty, contaminated by all that sunshine and clear mountain air. The mile-high (hold it in!) city is a thriving, gurgling part of the West Coast Future Sound Movement.

Originally DNB-heavy, the podcast now leans like purple towards dubstep and glitch hop (along with the rest of the world), although it also includes a variety of genres from booty house to breaks. The Temporal Fusion podcast regularly features some of my favorite artists and has free mixes for download from the Glitch Mob, Subvert, S.P.E.C.T.R.E, Jansten, Ale Fillman, Propa Tingz, the Gaslamp Killer and many, many more. Keep up the filthy work, Temporal Fusion!

And the rest of you, get on the mountain tip and crank that shit up.

One Response to “Temporal Fusion Podcast”

  1. just to give proper credit, temporal fusion is primarily based out of Boston, us denver folks just help scout, contribute & promote since our homie is a busy business man in Boston these days. 😉 Xunfusion aka Tony is the man responsible for maintaining, updating and creating the totally badass podcast we all love pushing 🙂

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