Infected Mushroom Video Shoot: Smashing the Opponent

I headed up to the Roxy in West Hollywood on Monday to interview Israeli psytrancers Infected Mushroom and wound up being in their next video and had a nice chit-chaterooni with Paul Oakendfuckingfold as well. He was a really nice guy, despite tales I had heard to the contrary. Of course, I am blond and don’t really let people not be my friend.

I will write up the interview shortly but for now I just wanted to tell you about the video shoot for their new single, “Smashing the Opponent,” featuring the vocals of Korn’s Jonathan Davis. The track is off Infected Mushroom’s upcoming album, Legend of the Black Shawarma, which is due out September 8th on Oakenfold’s label Perfecto.

I am not the biggest psytrance fan in the history of the universe, but I was feeling the track and dancing in my heels as it boomed from the Roxy’s sound system, the ribbons of bassline flowing smooth like champagne under Davis’ raw and burning vocals. Most of the people there for the shoot had no idea who anyone was at all. One chick asked me, “Are these guys famous? I hope so.” Ahhhhlalalala, LA.

The champagne was actually flowing like rocket fountains all over me and about twenty other “dance club” chicks; after my interview I was hanging around watching the video shoot and then just jumped in with the other ladies who had been instructed to go “crazy on the dance floor” for one of the scenes. Crazy on the dance floor? I can do that. I am constantly surprised with what you can get away with if you just do it, if you just ask the question, if you just walk through that door. You should definitely try it sometime.

The “Smashing the Opponent” video basically makes fun of the club scene and DJs and stupid chicks; the star of the shoot is this mophead DJ with a fat grill and pimpy white suit over a shiny shirt. He is constantly surrounded by girls going nutty, he drinks espresso at the DJ booth and never even touches his records- he has two hot-chick assistants who put them on and spin them for him while he dances and poses. They help him take off his coat, and then his pants- revealing emerald-green paisley bikini briefs. Funny shit; I mean if we can’t make fun of ourselves, then who will?

After having “champagne” (really apple cider) sprayed all over me from eight directions while I thrashed about like a wild woman in the middle of a group of girls I split the scene; the filming was to last another six hours and I didn’t really care to be in big part of the video, I just like having the experience! And bragging about it, of course.

So stay tuned on MTV (Do they even show videos anymore? Does anyone out there still watch MTV?) for the video and you know I will be posting it here as well. And I will be getting around to writing up that interview shortly, although I will say this: Infected Mushroom LOVES the West Coast!

But then again, who doesn’t?

Here’s some fuzzy shots for you of the video shoot featuring our superstar DJ and his hottie bodyguards:




7 Responses to “Infected Mushroom Video Shoot: Smashing the Opponent”

  1. You are my hero! 🙂

  2. Is there gonna be a version with the Blonde chick in a Bathtub of Champagne-that would be sweet. Here are my credit card numbers:
    Bank of America 4426 2465 7938 8993
    exp 10/12 CIV 453 Zipcode 98111

  3. Send me ten copies please….. Thank you for your cooperation!

  4. Though psy-trance is no more my thing (which of course does not mean I don’t like mushrooms) I’ll be stoked to see this vid :))

  5. Infected Mushroom haven’t written psytrance for years…. elements of it remain in their music now, but as a whole it’s certainly not psytrance. Just sayin’…..

  6. hah Hey Chris!

    I was going to post almost the same thing but you beat me to it.

  7. I was there tooo!!! Where you the blue interviewer girl? or just one of the extras dancing next to those trippy red bitches? hahah fun day, we may have met, I’m not sure. Can’t wait to see this video!! Peace.

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