Dirty Filthy Whompcast: ill-esha

The newest whompcast, from ill-esha of Vancouver, BC is extra-crunchy; it gnaws on you as it evolves, the eclectic set getting better and better the whole way through until all the mother lovers unite in bass bliss euphoria. I started the mix over as soon as it finished, ‘cuz I’m a fanatic like that. Ill-esha is the shit.

This singer, rapper, producer and DJ will be performing next month on July 16 at Seattle’s new glitch, dubstep and bass music monthly: Thirdsdaze. Also on the lineup are locals Zacharia, Aksion and Kat1lyst.

Listen and check the tracklist here or subscribe to the Whompcast in iTunes!

Note to readers: The whompcast website will be back up on June 16, when my homie gets his paycheck. The huge response to ill-esha’s whompcast crashed his shit.

6 Responses to “Dirty Filthy Whompcast: ill-esha”

  1. YEAH, YEAH, YEAH!!!

  2. Saw her in Vancouver in her own town at this little club that only puts on afterhours (super underground) she was opening up for Boreta and thought uh oh female vocals over grimey shit, this might not work, but let me tell you IT DOES!!! cant wait to see her again in our town.

  3. Cause I’m mother lover!!! Sic mix.. Impressed..

  4. netjunkie Says:

    that mix is so dope!

  5. Just wicked, can’t wait to see her smash it in Oz 🙂

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