Notes from the Future of Music @ Low End Theory

I may just have to start a separate category on mah blog for Low End Theory.

Low End Theory is my home, and Wednesday is my favorite night. We make music history every week at the Airliner; what goes down in that space is not happening anywhere else at the world. Every week we walk away and the future of electronic music has been changed; tweaked, if ever so slightly, from the course it was on just four hours earlier. 

Even though the outside stage was closed and only the upstairs room was open, last night shit was particularly raucous up in da club. I don’t know if it was because of resident MC Nocando‘s birthday or what, but the female-to-male ratio was substantially lifted and the crowd seemed to be a bit more lifted than usual as well. Female energy + lots of alcohol = people dance. People dance!

Kids were rocking it last night on the upstairs floor, and not just me. Chicks were humping each other and rubbing titties together and shit like that. The Airliner has rearranged the upstairs stage, speakers and visuals to a vast improvement, with a better balance of sound and a more open feeling.

They have also improved the ladies’ room; though still drenched only in deep blue Smurf-making lighting, all three toilets are now in working order and the venue has invested in a little decor and extra paper towels. The efforts have not gone unnoticed; I don’t know if you guys know this, but girls like things to be pretty and clean as opposed to scary and disgusting. We also like flowers and chocolate. We are easy. Not as easy as you, but…

Arriving just before 11 I caught the last of Daddy Kev‘s set and promptly kicked myself for not being there earlier. Besides running the fucking night, Daddy Kev LAYS THAT SHIT DOWN. Proper, and every week. He will be going on tour with the Glitch Mob and Nosaj Thing shortly; if you have a chance to catch his beats in your town, FUCKING DO IT.

Next up was the Motherfucking Gaslamp Killer with a twitchy performance as per usual and styly zings on the turntables. My favorite part of his set was when he walked over into the corner behind the stage and just started freaking out by himself. Gaslamp is the shit.

Mono/Poly was up next and this beatmaker is fresh and quick on the mix, weaving in heaps of tracks, drawing us close and teasing us with stripes of songs before twisting over into another sea of beats. This is where IDM meets the dance floor, and that is exactly where I found myself last night.

Ras G who I love and who banged it out at the Pure Filth show on Saturday, somehow I completely missed last night. WTF Shilo?!? I did hang out downstairs for a while in the roped-off section, talking to a friend about dubstep and drum and bass. For apparently longer than I thought. Damn!

Closing out the night was Take whose “Sleeping Bear” remix I could listen to for a thousand years; find it on his Myspace page. People continued to dance and get lifted until they kicked our asses out at 2AM, and like foxes with our tails on fire we carried out into the streets of LA in a hundred directions heads full of future sound.

Next week at Low End Theory is Nosaj Thing‘s Record Release party for Drift; holy batshit fuckman, it’s gonna be a good night. See you on the dance floor.

daddykev'sbabies?Some crazy ass picture from Low End Theory’s Myspace page.


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