Of Porcelain: OOah’s Downtempo for Hopeless Romantics

Do yourself a favor and check out Of Porcelain, OOah’s alter ego of IDMy, downtempo productions.

Actually, I think Of Porcelain is not really OOah’s alter ego, but his true musical identity.

After emailing like ten of my friends to check out this new music, I realized derrrrr, I have a blog for this shit. I listen to more OOah than any other DJ or producer on earth, from old Fairfax Radio mixes to new collaborations like sexed-up Panty Raid with Marty Party.

Out of the Glitch Mob, I think OOah goes the furthest, takes the most risks, and is the most out-there. He has the soul of a tortured poet.

How do I know this? Because so do I. And because of Twitter. I don’t really read anyone’s Tweets (sorry) except for OOah’s. They are prolific and expressive, just like his music. I notice that OOah is up at 4AM because he can’t sleep and is taking comfort in a bottle, ‘cuz so am I.

Of Porcelain is intensely emotive, the beautiful beats wrapping around you with a rich warmth and depth found only in the open ocean and open eyes. Slightly reminiscent of edIT’s Crying Over Pros for No Reason, the sounds Of Porcelain pull your heart up out of your chest and into your brain, where the tears of lost lovers still pool in the darkness, where the breath of lonely mornings meet the open skies, where starlight falls on forgotten whispers. 

This is the music for hopeless romantics, made in the City of Angels by a renegade poet. My fickle soul falls in love with music on a daily basis; maybe my heart is made Of Porcelain too. Stop and listen.



9 Responses to “Of Porcelain: OOah’s Downtempo for Hopeless Romantics”

  1. I loooooooved Crying Over Pros….. I’ll def check this out.

  2. yo – i just ended up with a copy of this and googled it to do some research (I’m an avid fan of all things glitch mob related) you know where I can dig up any of those OLD ooah tapes to which you are referring or perhaps ooah w/pantyraid? and do you have a copy of the temporarily released “Exclusive 2008 mixtape” that came out for like ten seconds last year…it’s the tits if you need.


  3. i loved how you have described this album..its everything ive felt listening to it and more..!

  4. Where can I buy this Album or get a mix??

  5. Just picked this up today, Ooah rules, one of my favorite producers and def my favorite Mobster. You can name your own price for the album at Bandcamp here: http://ofporcelain.bandcamp.com/

    Throw the dude $10 for God’s sake!

    • Thanks a lot for a [working!] link to where I could buy the album. Especially one with the option for tasty FLAC downloads.

  6. It’s very cool to mix procelain and music together.Sharing!

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