Congrats DJ Flave: How I Found the Flavor

DJ Flave won the second round of the Northwest DJ DNB Battle this past Tuesday night at the Baltic Room; I am a bit late on this post but I just wanted to share with you guys how I met the epic Seattle DJ who is Flave:

It was a Wednesday night in Pioneer Square, cold and a bit rainy no doubt. This was back in the day when I danced to house music at Community (now Pulse) at Trinity every single Wednesday with Jason Curtis and company. My friend Si and I decided to walk over to Club Heavens and check out the new night which had just started.

Heavens was empty (ha) except for the tatty bartender, Bob, DJ Flave, and two kids on the dance floor who had obviously come with the DJ. The room was almost empty- but Flave was playing like he had a crowd of ten thousand. Throwing down, hyped up, loving it and taking no prisoners.

Si busted out his drum and the four of us dancing freaks got down to Flave’s beats like it was the rave of the century or something, which is just how he was spinning. Most DJs in this situation would be checking their text messages, running out for a smoke break or getting drunk. Not Flave- he straight delivered beats to the tiny gang of dancers on his floor like there was no tomorrow and it was dance or die.

And then he pulled out a motherfucking saxophone.

Those of you who know Flave (aka all of Seattle) can attest to this man’s epic skills. He plays many genres and many instruments. He scratches with his foot. And on a rainy Wednesday last year, he threw down for a dance floor of four harder than many DJs ever do and won a blond girl’s heart for life. Mad props to Flave!

And good luck at the NW DNB Finals, held June 3 at Crush in Portland where the battle will be Seattle vs. Portland; with Flave on the side of the 206, Portland better bring something epic, like a mountain.


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