THIRDSDAZE in Seattle: New BASS MUSIC Crunkthly @ Rebar


Seattle’s got a new night of future sound bass music (don’t call it midtempo) happening every third Thursday at Rebar starting in June: Thirdsdaze. I like the name because when you say it, you sound like you are already half drunk.

This new night of crunkedouthyphyfunkadelicpsybrokenwhomphopmusicforbasssluts is brought to you by the same party kids who do the whompcast over at, Rockit Science – aka my people. Besides the best in forward-thinking bass music and sticky grime, Thirdsdaze will also feature live painting, digital art, and performances. And parties in the parking lot.

The new monthly kicks off June 18 with Propa Tingz (BreakBeatBuddha), PrEssHa, Dirty Steve and Northstar at the Rebar, my favorite dance club in Seattle which has just upgraded its sound system to stellar reviews. The July 16 lineup is super fat as well and includes ill-esha, Zacharia, Aksion and Kat1lyst.

Head over to and listen to the free downloadable whompcasts to get an idea of what kind of sounds you will hear at what will no doubt be the freshest music monthly in Seattle: THIRDSDAZE.

UPDATE: I will be at the opening night of Thirdsdaze on June 18th! See you on the dance floor, Seattle! I am so excited!

3 Responses to “THIRDSDAZE in Seattle: New BASS MUSIC Crunkthly @ Rebar”

  1. Yay-ohhhh!!!!! Blaze and I will be performing as “Moxie Crush” our fire dance duo. Whooooot fucking whoot!!!! My boy Geo will be live digital painting. Check his awesomeness at

  2. There’s a link to download a propa tingz mix now on dirtyfilthywhomp. Now you can listen to it in your car or on your ipod, making it even easier to get pumped up for the show on June 18th at ReBar!

    I’m ready… Are you ready???

  3. dancefever5000 Says:

    DF5K was born ready!

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