Esthetic Evolution Festival 2009

Last year I missed this big outdoor festival in Idaho that all my friends went to and I had to listen for the rest of the effing summer how awesome the party was, how everyone rocked out harder than ever before, how the music was ultra boss, how the cool river flowed like PBR down a mountainside and how the DJs sprouted wings and flew up into the sky and painted the moon with a thick coat of rumblefuck and everyone had a simultaneous orgasm on the dance floor.

That party was Esthetic Evolution.

So it was weird to get an email yesterday from a friend in San Diego saying, “Esthetic Evolution?” which of course had my mind spinning like Suda. Most of you probably don’t know this, but Idaho has a little thing going on. DJs routinely fly from Seattle to Boise to rock the weekend there and come back with tales of lewdness and debauchery. In Idaho!

Esthetic Evolution takes place June 19-21, about an hour from Boise in a luscious meadow next to a river where I will be swimming. The theme this year is the five senses and if you are thinking of going, remember this: a flight from LA to Seattle is almost 1/3 of the price of a ticket from LA to Boise- which means this chica is either going to drive or ride up from Los Angeles OR fly my ass into Seattle and catch a ride down. It doesn’t make sense geographically but it does financially; besides who doesn’t love a road trip to a music festival? Lame fuckers, that’s who. 

Check the whole lineup here (novaTRON! Kadeejah Streets! Manahan!), buy your tickets and then get your ass to the party. You can find me in the river drinking PBR.

2 Responses to “Esthetic Evolution Festival 2009”

  1. actually the DJs *DID* sprout wings and fly… but maybe that had something to do with what I ate… while I was walking my dog named Mushroom. lol. Oh and I was wearing my nitrous battle-vest and handing out free whippets – it was a GREAT weekend! I still have a lot of dust on my dashboard from that weekend – it’s kinda sentimental to me now!

    You should totally go – I’m going to find a way to make it! We will paaaaaar-taaaaaaay!

    Oh, and I have a bunch of pix from last year’s EE4, I’ll dig them up and post the link here! Hot topless babes and glowing hoola-hoop Goddesses = WOOOO!

  2. dancefever5000 Says:


    I could not possibly love you any more!

    See you in Idaho!

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