Smog’s New Digs: The Echoplex

LA’s dirty dubstep crew Smog has a new home at the Echoplex in Echo Park, a development that I am especially psyched about because the sound at the Echoplex is dope AND I live about two minutes down the street. Sweet!

Smog’s next show at the Echoplex is May 21 when dubstep gets busy with techno and Smog teams up with my other homies Droid to present a night of techno-dubstep hybrid beats by Appleblim, Hyperactive, Drumcell, and Pawn.

Whether you like techno or dubstep you should come out and check things out; or if you are like me and go nuts for techno AND dubstep, well then- I’ll see you at the front of the dance floor.




2 Responses to “Smog’s New Digs: The Echoplex”

  1. Wow hyperactive… we used to dance to him back in 1994 in the wee raver days. I wonder what hes up to these days – report back ok?

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